Continuing Professional Development

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At the start

If you are near the start of your editorial career, you need basic training – first in proofreading and then, if you so decide, in copyediting. Basic training gives you the core skills, which you need to practise, and mentoring gives one-to-one feedback and advice to prepare you for the world of editorial work.

What now?

You never stop learning. Every job adds to your store of knowledge and teaches you new skills. There is no substitute for experience.

But you need to get out a bit too! Join the CIEP forums and benefit from everyone's experience, go along to your CIEP local group for a chance to swap notes, book for the CIEP conference for stimulating sessions and a chance to talk shop, keep up to date with your specialist subject area by signing up for a journal, forum or event – these are all CPD.

Your CPD

As you build your career, it is the mark of a professional to build up your skills and knowledge too. CIEP now offers more advanced training for professional members, with courses, events and specialist forums. Start keeping a record of your CPD – it will be valuable to you.

If you have questions that our FAQs don't answer, write to the professional development director.