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Course Fee Booking
References   347
Art of Querying   476
Introduction to Fiction Editing   302
Proofreading 1: Introduction   410
Proofreading 2: Headway   406
Proofreading 3: Progress   407
Copyediting 1: Introduction – online   377
Copyediting 2: Headway   359
Copyediting 3: Progress   378
Getting to Grips with Grammar and Punctuation   469
Copyright for Editorial Professionals   468
Editing Digital Content   452
Editorial Project Management   441
Medical Editing   375
Plain English for Editors   463
Proofreading Theses and Dissertations   442
Web Editing   443
Word for Practical Editing   470
Efficient Editing: Strategies and Tactics webinar   478

Notes about online booking

Handling & VAT

There's no handling charge for debit or credit card bookings. All course charges include VAT.


Fees for online courses are non-refundable, as immediate access is available to all the relevant course material.

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