Exercise bank

The CIEP exercise bank is a collection of individual exercises, each of which can be purchased separately, providing editorial professionals with the opportunity to practise their skills. Covering proofreading, copyediting and English grammar, the exercises are based on real pieces of work for real clients, contributed by our members with the permission of the client. Each exercise includes:

  • a set of learning points
  • some background about the publication
  • a brief
  • a style sheet or an extract from it (depending on the exercise)
  • the exercise
  • a model answer, with changes tracked
  • a list of author/client queries (depending on the exercise)
  • a commentary on the exercise
  • details of further resources.

How hard are the exercises?

Exercises are categorised as easier (level 1), intermediate (level 2) and more advanced (level 3):

  • Level 1: reasonably straightforward, no complex elements
  • Level 2: more complex; may include simple figures/illustrations, tables and/or references
  • Level 3: complex, detailed exercises; may include complex figures/graphs/illustrations and/or references or other elements.

How much do the exercises cost?

CIEP members can purchase exercises at a reduced rate.

Each exercise costs £28 (£17 for CIEP members) – from 1 March 2024.

Are you a CIEP member?

CIEP members can purchase exercises at a reduced rate. 

Could you produce an exercise?

We always need more exercises! If you are an Advanced Professional or a Professional Member of the CIEP, you could produce an exercise for the Bank. For details, please contact the professional development manager.

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