Curriculum for Professional Development

Our curriculum outlines the range of skills and knowledge that editors and proofreaders use in their professional life.

The curriculum is divided into three domains:

Domain 1: Working as a professional

The first domain describes the core knowledge and skills relevant to all members of the editorial profession. Its sub-domains describe the skills and knowledge relevant to professional practice and ethics, business management and practice, and the tools and technology with which an editorial professional should be familiar.

Domain 2: Editorial knowledge and practice

The second domain describes the knowledge and skills that all practitioners should seek to develop. The knowledge and skills described in its sub-domains are necessary to build a successful career in the editorial profession and to develop the required core capabilities to be a competent editor/proofreader: those relevant to the publishing process, editorial knowledge, practice and judgement.

Domain 3: Specialist skills and knowledge

The third domain describes knowledge and skills that are particularly relevant to specialist subjects and areas of practice. Its sub-domains describe the skills and knowledge required of practitioners who specialise in fiction publishing, scientific and medical publishing, technical communications, legal publishing and music publishing.

Each domain breaks down further into topics that include information on:

  • knowledge criteria: what you need to know
  • editorial competencies, professional skills and attitudes: how you perform tasks and how you demonstrate your awareness
  • resources to support learning/CPD: resources and courses to help you develop these competencies
Curriculum feedback and development

The curriculum has been developed by practising editors, and we’ll continue to update it with additional ways in which you can demonstrate competency.

We'd like to hear from you

Please contact the professional development manager if you’d like to offer feedback about what’s currently included in the Curriculum for Professional Development.

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