CIEP ambassadors

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How can we help your group, your business, your organisation?

Our volunteer CIEP ambassadors are based throughout the UK. An ambassador in your region is ready to visit your meeting or event to let you know about what editors and proofreaders do and the value they can add. If you would be interested in a visit, do get in touch with the CIEP’s external relations director and we will make plans.

An ambassador visit might take the form of a presentation about the editorial process, a hands-on demonstration of how a proofreader works with a text, or an informal ‘meet the editor’ chat. Our ambassadors are experienced professionals with a range of skills and expertise, so we can tailor the discussion to your own needs and interests.

Our ambassadors promote good editorial practice and share experience, as part of the CIEP’s commitment to upholding editorial excellence. A CIEP ambassador can also introduce you to the CIEP community and the many benefits enjoyed by our more than 3,000 members.

Among the people we’ve worked with are

  • writers’ groups, and libraries that support them
  • businesses that publish reports or newsletters, whether online or in print
  • students writing dissertations
  • local history groups
  • charities and government bodies that produce publicity materials
  • students on media or publishing courses

Would you like a visit from a CIEP ambassador?

If you’re interested in one of our ambassadors attending your event for a presentation or chat, or if you would like to book a speaker, please contact the CIEP’s external relations director.