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Standards are what the CIEP stands for: consistently high standards that match the schedule, budget and readership.

Membership Codes

All CIEP members are bound by its Membership Codes Рprinciples-based policies that describe the Institute’s expectations of conduct and its procedures for handling complaints.

CIEP membership grades

Our membership grades affirm our confidence in our members, letting them show the world that they’re well qualified to supply editorial services.

Continuing Professional Development

Editorial professionals never stop learning, but there are lots of ways to keep up to date, fill gaps in your knowledge or extend your skill set.

Editorial syllabus

Clients and the public depend on CIEP members for good editing and proofreading. The syllabus lists what competent editorial professionals need to know or be aware of.

Environmental values

We recognise that we operate in a globalised marketplace, where our and our members’ actions have an impact on climate and the biosphere. Discover more about our values and how we’re championing good practice.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We are working to embed equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) across everything we do. We aim to foster an environment where all members feel safe and equally able to contribute to CIEP activities. Discover more about our values and where we stand.


This is a gap that the CIEP intends to fill. We list previous qualifications that were discontinued.


The basic editorial test was launched in 2014 as an option for members who need to prove basic competence at Professional level. Tests are based on the CIEP editorial syllabus.