Annual report

The CIEP Council reports back to the membership every year via the annual report and accounts:

Year Annual report (PDF) Accounts (PDF)
2023 Annual report (draft) (2MB) Financial report and commentary (356KB)
2022 Annual report (992KB) Accounts (143KB)
2021 Annual report (1.4MB) Accounts (155KB)
2020 Annual report (579KB) Accounts (190KB)
2019 Annual report (529KB) Accounts (698KB)
2018 Annual report (376KB) Accounts (2.2MB)
2017 Annual report (283KB) Accounts (2.2MB)
2016 Annual report (3.6MB) Accounts (2.7MB)
2015 Annual report (396KB) Accounts (2.9MB)
2014 Annual report (225KB) Accounts (2.8MB)

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