Medical Editing

Who is this course suitable for?

This course aims to give an introduction to the specialism of medical editing. A general base of editing skills is presumed – those without this knowledge should look at the CIEP’s proofreading and copyediting programmes before beginning this course. Overall, this course is suitable for people who are already competent editors and who wish to expand their skillset into this particular field.

Please note that people without some sort of qualification or experience in medicine, biology or a related field may struggle to find work in this area. If you do not have such a background then you should carefully consider whether this is the right path for you before investing in this training.

Course description

This course will help you to:

  • become familiar with the resources and study guides that medical editors use on a daily basis
  • find out about common style issues in medical editing
  • edit medical figures, tables and references
  • discover how the editor fits into the medical journal and book publishing process
  • learn about editing for medical communication (‘medcomms’) agencies

The course provides exercises for you to put into practice the lessons learnt through the Study notes, including editing a typical journal article. There are model answers, commentary on all the exercises and a final section on useful resources to help you in this field.

What you should know after the course

After working through this course, you should understand what is involved in editing a typical medical journal or book, and what may be expected of you as a medcomms editor. You should be aware of particular style issues and what to look out for when editing figures, tables and references. You should also know where to look for further information where a particular issue you may face in medical editing is not explicitly covered by this course.

Availability, prices and upgrade points

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Online courses take between 10 and 45 hours to complete, depending on the course, but you have access to the course materials for 6 months.

Please be aware that the CIEP will be moving all its online courses to a new learning platform in mid-2023. Courses begun on the old platform will only be available until 31 December 2023, so please make sure that you complete them before the cut-off date. Extensions cannot be transferred to the new platform.

Online course structure

Time allowed for access: 6 months CIEP upgrade points: 5
Approximate study time needed to complete the course: 25–30 hours

This is a self-assessed course. You will be assigned a tutor who will be available for up to 1 hour of support (usually by email), but the tutor does not mark any of your work. When you have finished the course you can download and print a certificate that states that you have 'Completed' the course.

The online course follows the syllabus as described in the screen below.

Medical editing syllabus

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