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Anyone can be a proofreader, can't they? How hard can it be? All they do is find typos, don't they?

See for yourself!

If you're thinking of training to become a proofreader, or if you're just curious, here's a chance to see whether you would enjoy some of the things that editors and proofreaders do.

It's based on straightforward text that contains a number of very common errors. See if you can spot all twenty errors, then check the answer sheet. If you haven't found everything, that doesn't mean that you won't be a good proofreader: it takes training and experience to do it well, and the CIEP can help.

Take the test (118KB PDF) See the answers (130KB PDF)

Take our quizzes just for fun!

Challenge yourself to take our language quizzes. They're just for fun but you'll test your knowledge of grammar and current usage, and we'll explain what we think are the right answers. There's a new one every two months, so check back here when you want to tackle the next one.

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