The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) is a non-profit body promoting excellence in English language editing. We set and demonstrate editorial standards, and we are a community, training hub and support network for editorial professionals – the people who work to make text accurate, clear and fit for purpose.

We aim to be:

Aim 1

a recognised authority on editing and proofreading in English

Aim 2

a supportive community for editorial professionals who are working to high standards

Aim 3

a trusted source of advice, information, best practice, training and qualifications

Aim 4

the place to find professional editorial services

We have around 3,000 editorial professional members in the UK and beyond, with a growing international membership, who work for a wide range of clients – publishers, businesses, government and other organisations, academic institutions and authors. We formed in 1988 and were known as the Society for Editors and Proofreaders before being awarded our Royal Charter in 2019.

The Institute provides training and professional qualifications, and publishes the online Directory of Editorial Services provided by its members. The members communicate with each other via a number of popular membership-only forums, a growing repository of the Institute's collective wisdom and experience, and the Institute publishes regular resources for members and the public.

Find out more about the Institute:

Meet the team
CIEP directors and staff, what they are responsible for, their forward planning and the dates of their meetings
Frequently asked questions about copyediting and proofreading
Advertise with the CIEP
Advertising through the Institute
The documents by which the Institute is governed, and others that it has developed to further its aims, plus annual reports and accounts
Judith Butcher Award
Established in 2011, this award is intended to identify not only members who have made highly visible contributions to the SfEP and CIEP, but also individuals who have made important but perhaps less obvious ones
Honorary members
People the SfEP has honoured since 1988

A CIEP commitment to anti-racism

As editors and proofreaders, there is so much that we can each do to make space for and amplify voices that have historically been and continue to be marginalised and silenced.

Recognising the structural racism that is evident in the UK and worldwide, the CIEP Council:

  • commits to continuing action to ensure that CIEP spaces are inclusive of and safe for our BAME members and members of colour
  • commits to exploring and dismantling the barriers to participating in our profession that face BAME editors and proofreaders
  • commits to advocating for and modelling inclusive language, and delivering content that supports our members in doing the same
  • commits to seeking out and amplifying BAME voices and the voices of editors/proofreaders of colour worldwide
  • commits to supporting BAME members and members of colour in conceiving of and implementing ideas that can drive change within the CIEP.

The CIEP Council

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