Proofreading 1: Introduction – virtual learning

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Course content

How the programme is structured

This course consists of four live webinar sessions (one session per week), each one lasting a maximum of two and a half hours. Here’s how the sessions break down:

Session 1: What proofreading is and what a proofreader does; getting into the right frame of mind; the proofreader in the publication process; how to set about proofreading; proofreading on PDF

Session 2: Consistency and house style; proofreading using the BSI marks

Session 3: Checking the layout; basics of working with illustrations

Session 4: Proof-editing (when more than a proofread is required); proofreading in Word, using Track Changes; getting a good brief; top tips for effective proofreading; where to go next

Length of course: 10 hours + homework time

CIEP upgrade points: completion 2; pass 3

Technical requirements

This course is best accessed on a PC/Mac or laptop with a webcam. We do not recommend participating on a tablet or phone.

Participants must be present at the time of the webcast.

When does the course run?

The next virtual learning iteration of Proofreading 1 will run in May 2024.

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The webinar format where we could all proofread together was fantastic.

Jennifer Webb

Going through it with other people helped me to get a feel for how I was doing. … It was reassuring when others were finding the same things as me and dealing with them in a similar way.

Louise Secular

So useful to be able to check your work and ask questions in real time. Caro is an excellent instructor. Engaging and encouraging. The material and resources are brilliant.

Trisha D’Hoker

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