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All fees are shown in pounds (£). Please note that all fees are exclusive of tax. For self-paced online courses, tax will be automatically added at your local rate. Webinar courses are taxed at UK VAT rate (20%).

Fees for online courses are non-refundable, as immediate access is available to all the relevant course material.

Training discount for new members

New members are entitled to an extra 15% discount on one course, provided by the Dorothy Mitchell Smith Memorial Fund.

Dorothy Mitchell Smith was a gifted and generous tutor, and the SfEP training administrator for courses in Scotland and the north of England. The fund in her memory supports beginners with their training costs.

Course Type Member Corp SI/IPEd NUJ/EC AFEPI/
Proofreading 1: Introduction Online            
Proofreading 2: Headway Online            
Proofreading 3: Progress Online            
Copyediting 1: Introduction – online Online            
Copyediting 2: Headway Online            
Copyediting 3: Progress Online            
Introduction to Fiction Editing Online            
Getting to Grips with Grammar and Punctuation Online            
References Online            
The Art of Querying Online            
Copyright for Editorial Professionals Online            
Editing Digital Content Online            
Medical Editing Online            
Health Editing Online            
Editorial Project Management Online            
Plain English for Editors Online            
Proofreading Theses and Dissertations Online            
Web Editing Online            
Word for Practical Editing Online