Copyediting suite

Level 1: Introduction

The level 1 course is designed to help you to decide whether copyediting is for you. It is a fairly short course covering the basics of the skills needed and the terminology involved. If you have no experience of the publishing industry or editorial work in general, we recommend that you start here.

You will not be ready to start work on the basis of this course alone.

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Copyediting 1: Introduction

Level 2: Headway

The level 2 course builds upon the skills and knowledge you gain at level 1. We hope that you have the opportunity to practise your new skills before tackling this second stage of training and that you are a little more familiar with the basics of copyediting before tackling level 2.

If you have worked in an editorial department of a publisher and understand the basics of copyediting, you may be able to start at this level. Otherwise, you may find that you struggle with some of the work without the grounding given in level 1.

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Copyediting 2: Headway

Level 3: Progress

The level 3 course again builds on the skills and knowledge you have learned in the previous courses. You will get the most benefit from the course if you have had the opportunity to practise these skills and gain some experience before tackling this more advanced course.

We do not recommend tackling this course without having previously passed CE2: Headway.

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Copyediting 3: Progress

Level 4: Mentoring

Once you have successfully completed P3: Progress, you may like to consider our Mentoring scheme.

Mentoring is aimed at those who have already had some training and experience. You are normally expected to have successfully completed two CIEP or Publishing Training Centre training courses.

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Copyediting 4: Mentoring