Every two months we publish two newsletters about copyediting and proofreading, one for members only (The Edit) and a free one for anyone who wishes to subscribe (Editorial Excellence).

The Edit

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The Edit is our e-newsletter for CIEP members. It keeps you up to date with CIEP happenings, useful resources and editorial practice insights, including:

  • the latest CIEP articles for you to read
  • our new publications and resources, including fact sheets, focus papers, practical tools and guides
  • news about training, CPD and conference
  • insights from our forums
  • useful non-CIEP articles, resources and events
  • new developments in software
  • our latest language quiz!

Once you join the CIEP you’ll automatically receive The Edit every two months, towards the end of the month. If you’ve missed any issues or want to read issues from before you joined, log into the members’ area and visit The Edit archive page.


Editorial Excellence

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Editorial Excellence is our free general e-newsletter about good practice in copyediting and proofreading. It is issued every two months, towards the middle of the month, and is available to anyone who wishes to subscribe. It is aimed at non-members, especially people who use the services of editors and proofreaders (but CIEP members are welcome to subscribe too). It covers a range of topics to help you get the best out of the editorial process, along with news about CIEP resources, blog articles and events.

To subscribe

  1. Go to this form to enter your details.
  2. Select a subscriber type.
  3. Hit the Subscribe button.

That's it! If you think you have subscribed but don't receive any e-newsletters, or have other questions, please contact the information director.

Writing for the CIEP

The information editors ([email protected]) welcome article proposals from anyone on:

  • the day-to-day work that editorial professionals do
  • unusual projects
  • editorial standards
  • the influence of new technology on the profession
  • finer points of the English language and editorial practice

Editing Matters

Editing Matters was our e-magazine when we were the SfEP. CIEP members can read all issues of Editing Matters and its predecessors (1988 to 2020) by logging into the members’ area and going to the Editing Matters archive page. The Editing Matters index has a comprehensive list of topics covered.