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You're welcome to read past issues of Editorial Excellence:

  1. Getting copyright right
  2. Editorial project management
  3. Working with students on dissertations and theses
  4. Specialist editors and editing specialisms
  5. Professional development for 2022
  6. Editors and the environment
  7. Exploring representation and language
  8. Questions and queries
  9. The value of editors
  10. Working with imaginary worlds
  11. Get a grip on grammar
  12. Pieces of a publication
  13. English without borders
  14. Editors don't just edit
  15. Plain English: why bother?
  16. The SfEP is now the CIEP: How chartership will benefit everyone
  17. Continuing professional development
  18. Solving problems
  19. Life beyond the page
  20. Equality, diversity, inclusion
  21. Editing business content
  22. A global profession
  23. Managing workflow
  24. Education, education, education
  25. What is editorial best practice?
  26. Collaboration in publishing
  27. Proofreading and copy-editing CPD
  28. Quality control for words

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