Welcome to the CIEP

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This web page is to help you take your first steps as a CIEP member. Most of all, it’s to make you feel welcome. Here’s a message from our chair, Louise Harnby.

Your member handbook

When you joined the CIEP we emailed you a member handbook. This is a great starting point for exploring all aspects of membership.

If you’re an individual member, your handbook contains information about CIEP governance, member benefits, membership grades, communications, training, our forums, our conference and how to join your local group, plus important details about our Code of Practice and Dignity Policy. We also include a short Q&A and resources section for people who might be new to editing and proofreading.

Download your member handbook

If you’re a Corporate Member, your handbook includes information about CIEP governance, the benefits you’ll enjoy as a Corporate Member, our membership grades, communications, conference and training, plus important details about our Code of Practice. We also include a short Q&A and resources section.

Download your Corporate Member handbook


Accessing the CIEP’s information resources

One of the benefits our members most value is the wealth of CIEP resources. In this video, information director Abi Saffrey gives a tour of the information resources you can access for free as part of your membership.

Your benefits as a CIEP member

On our benefits at a glance web page you can quickly scan all the benefits available to new individual members. On the benefits page in our members’ area you’ll find links to the details of each of our benefits, including the discount codes you will need to access them.

We’ve also put together a guide to help you make the most of your CIEP membership benefits. Inside you’ll find a checklist of useful quick links.

CIEP resource checklist

Download the guide


Any questions?

We hope that the resources on this page have been helpful. If you have any questions about your membership, get in touch with the membership director or contact our office. If you’ve joined our forums, you can also use the search function to see if anyone has asked a similar question before you. The chances are that they have!

We look forward to seeing you on a training course, at a CIEP event, on the forums or at a local group meeting very soon.