15 ways to make your editorial business more eco-friendly

  1. To print or not to print: Edit and proof on-screen. If you have to print, print double-sided using recycled paper.
  2. Second-hand office furniture: We need to feel comfy while working and some may have ergonomic needs, but try second-hand shops for storage, office tables, footrests or chairs.
  3. Don’t send unnecessary emails: Each email you send has a carbon emission, no need to say ‘OK’ and ‘toodle-oo’ if obvs.
  4. Recycle or fix old electronics: Printer or laptop on its way out? Many local councils offer electronic waste recycling.
  5. Dim your screen brightness: Reduce energy with this easy win, which could also ease eye strain.
  6. Scale back social media use: It’s a rabbit hole anyway – give your eyes a rest and reduce time online.
  7. Off networking or gallivanting with clients? Get on your bike or catch the bus or train – ditch that car (unless hybrid or electric).
  8. Business banking: Choose a high street bank with green investment credentials or one that gives back to the community.
  9. Clear out unread emails and spam: Save on carbon emissions and save your bulging inbox from chaos.
  10. Give a little back: Donate a % of business profits to environmental causes or make a one-off donation.
  11. Renewable energy supplier: The price may not be right at the mo, but choose a green supplier for your utilities.
  12. Promote your green business values: Clients want to know what makes you tick – share what you believe in.
  13. Say no to standby: Switch things off at the wall and don’t leave devices charging.
  14. PC go home: Turn your computer off at the wall when you’re done for the day.
  15. Delete cookies: Regularly culling your browser history and cache frees storage.

CIEP Environmental Policy Working Group