Peter Nickol

Learning to Read Music by Peter Nickol (Oxford: How To Books, 3rd ed. 2008), £9.99 (pbk), £3.49 (Kindle).

Whether you are learning an instrument, sing in a choir or work with music, this book will help you with notation. It covers the basics of pitch, rhythm, keys, scales, chords, etc. A visual index of musical symbols appears at the start. Self-testing and chapter summaries consolidate new skills.

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Pop Music: The text book by Toby Bricheno, Peter Nickol and Julia Winterson (London: Edition Peters, 2003), £13.95.

This book traces the development of pop music through the 20th century, investigating the influence of each generation on the next. It identifies the forms and musical characteristics of different styles, with a glossary of relevant musical terms, and also includes chapters on the development of music technology.

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