Craig Smith

The Heralding by Ashley McCarthy (Self-published, 2021), £7.99 (pbk), £1.99 (Kindle).

In the midst of The Great Famine of the Fourteenth Century something is awakened in the nearby woods …

As hunger and fever grip Matilda’s village, theft, madness and starvation follow quickly. People are attacked by something powerful and frightening. Then a new enemy emerges; fear.

As accusations are hurled, will a newly arrived stranger be Matilda’s salvation or downfall?

Where Does Time Go? by Amanda Peet (Self-published, 2021), £7.99 (pbk), £4.99 (Kindle).

From the author of Mind Your Mind: Using the power of words comes a short read to help you work out where your time goes and choose what you want to do going forward with your life minutes.

We all have the same number of life minutes each day. 1,440 if you are wondering.

The action within this book does not take more than a few seconds each day, and the good news is you only have to do it for a week to find out what you are doing with your time and where you want to make changes.

In order to move forward or make changes, sometimes you need a little stocktake. Working out how you are spending your time is an ideal place to start.

Nothing of Interest by Dave Gregson (Olympia Publishers, 2021), £5.99 (pbk), £2.99 (Kindle).

This collection of short stories, each with a twist to the tale, is engaging and often written with wit. There is also a slight Ray Bradbury-esque feel to them which makes them even more absorbing. The author writes with a kind of certainty and although his subject matter ranges widely within this collection, anyone who is fond of the short story genre will enjoy this collection.