Carol Godfrey

Making Last Wishes Easy  compiled by Carol Godfrey (self-published, 2022), £8.95 (24-page wire-bound book).

Thinking of Others at a Sad Time

None of us like to think of our own mortality but we may already have been through the experience of losing a relative or friend and having to deal with the winding up of their affairs. At such a sad time this can be a very distressing experience when you have no knowledge whatsoever of that person's wishes regarding their funeral, organ donation or the location of important documents such as a will, birth/marriage certificates or investment paperwork. Somehow, winding up their affairs becomes a treasure hunt at a very sad time, especially when that person hasn't been very organised and their possessions and paperwork are scattered throughout their home.

This 24-page wire-bound book includes the following sections, taking you through the process of keeping a record of all your important information:

  • Personal Profile
  • Next of Kin/Trusted Contacts
  • Assets and Investments including Jewellery, Watches, Artwork, Coins
  • Employment and Pensions
  • Insurances
  • Utilities and Other Accounts
  • Lasting Power of Attorney and Making a Will
  • Note of your Wishes
  • Arrangements for your Funeral – following feedback this section has now been expanded and also includes a section for your eulogy.

Once completed you have made it as easy as possible for someone to finalise your affairs and your final wishes have the best chance of being honoured.

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