Your House Style: Styling Your Words for Maximum Impact 2014

C Thomas, SfEP, 2014, 2nd edn, 23pp, £5 (pbk)

reviewed by Michèle Clarke

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The first edition of this SfEP Guide came out in 2009 (see review). Christina Thomas, the author, has added a good few more words to the glossary of the new edition, and updated the text overall, especially concerning newer types of publishing such as the internet. The references section has also been updated.

This is the kind of guide that is very much needed in, I'm sorry to say, this age of 'dumbdowning'. My heart sank the other week when I learned that the book I was going to receive for indexing had been 'edited' and 'proofread' by the author (self-publishing, sigh!). My concerns were verified – loads of inconsistencies. This is something that does not engender trust in a publication, or even in the publishing house itself. So, a plea to all publishers, however big or small: do read and inwardly digest this little booklet – it will be well worth your while.