Dr Michael Springer

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Copy-editing, proofreading, developmental editing


Fiction, non-fiction, academic writing (books, articles and dissertations)

Qualifications and awards

PhD English literature, MA English literature, BA English literature and Philosophy


Pearson, Routledge, Cambridge University Press, Peter Lang, private clients


Arts, Humanities, Social sciences, Law


Michael Springer was the copy-editor assigned to a Routledge book I co-authored. Comprised of sixteen essays by scholars, researchers and clinicians from all around the world, with different styles, ways of arguing, presentation and stemming from varied traditions, the editing job was not only enormous, but challenging at every level. Never have I worked with an editor who was universally praised by all of the authors. When they received their edited essays, they wrote to me asking, ‘Who is the editor?’ along with praise. One contributor said that the Routledge editor was a far closer reader than her Oxbridge son who had already edited her paper.  I subsequently employed Michael to edit other academic essays of mine as well as some creative fiction. In addition to the impeccable, astute and thorough proofreading, Michael’s queries and comments were interesting and always allowed me to rethink and revisit a sentence or a thought. I have referred writers of all stripe to Michael and do so with utmost confidence that they will be not only satisfied, but delighted and inspired by his thoughtful, professional and perspicacious reading.

Manya Steinkoler, Lacan on Madness

Michael helped us to create what seems to be an error-free book. We have yet to find even a typo, and no one else has pointed out any errors. His explanations were clear and always on target. I have a Ph.D. in literature, and I have spent my life in writing, but Michael found things I had completely missed in my own proofreading. Thanks, Michael!

Viveca Smith, Viveca Smith Publishing

Michael proofread my 80,000 word doctoral thesis over the course of one working week and returned it to me before the agreed deadline. He was very flexible and willing to adapt to my needs. He worked on the thesis quickly and efficiently and the changes that he made were consistent. Michael also compiled a list of stylistic choices that he had made, which I hadn’t considered before sending him the thesis, which was extremely helpful. He made amendments to the document in track changes, which were convenient and easy for me to respond to. I strongly recommend his proofreading services and would certainly ask him to proofread documents for me in the future as the changes that he made to my thesis improved it and made certain passages read more clearly. My examiners commented that my thesis was very clean and well presented.

Dr Rachel Randall, Cambridge University

Michael did a wonderful job in an efficient manner, as always!

Prof Guang-zhen Sun, University of Macau

Once we had described our 'house' style to Michael he quickly adapted to it and has done a great job writing our paper. He understood the concept and detail of our piece, focused on the world of creative tech. It's been a pleasure working with Michael: he stayed on the case throughout the project, worked speedily and co-operatively and communicated very effectively, offering intelligent comments that were never out of place. We'd be happy to work with him again on similar projects. Thank you Michael!

Jill Fear, Cohaesus

I was thoroughly pleased with the editing. It was easy to navigate, and I especially enjoyed the speed in which my fifty pages were edited, and returned. Thank you Mike.

Rosemary Imregi

Michael was great to work with. Produced high quality work with a tight deadline. I would highly recommend him.

Ryan Geswell, Informa

I have written extensively about history but always nursed a secret desire to write a novel.  I went ahead and wrote that novel but sensed that there were inherent flaws in the finished product. It was at that point I decided (reluctantly) to humble myself by getting professional assistance to help me achieve my objective. 

What a stroke of luck in getting Michael.

He quickly grasped exactly what I intended to do and went over the text scrupulously, clarifying words and phrases, correcting syntax and suggesting transitions that made the text flow in a much more attractive way. It is now fun to read even in the eyes of its most severe critic – me. And, I might add, all of this was done in an incredibly short space of time. 

I have since been going over the text with a fine-toothed comb and have yet to find any errors that were missed by him!

Whatever your objectives, do yourself a favor and recruit Michael Springer to join you in the venture. You will never regret it.

John O'Brien, Emeritus Professor of History

Michael took on the challenge of my 380,000-word first-time author manuscript and together we turned it into something a great deal more readable. I could not have done this on my own. The subject matter, a business history of the pioneering air express giant DHL, was challenging in its scope and depth, but Michael quickly got to grips with the essential elements. I cannot recall a single one of his suggestions that I disagreed with, or that indicated he had not fully grasped the nuances of the narrative. Michael and I worked together over a 10-month period, the time-scale indicative of the immensity of the task. He carried out developmental edits and copy-edits and prepared the index, making the whole process of getting the book ready for publication so much easier for me. Every delivery date promised was met. I cannot recommend his work highly enough. If I should ever be foolish enough to embark on another book, Michael will be my first port of call!

Jane Chung, DHL historian