Directorial remits

This page sets out the remits of each of the directors who make up the CIEP Council.

All directors

  • Manage their own budgets, from straightforward ones to large and complex ones such as the conference and training budgets, in collaboration with our finance officer and financial adviser.
  • Update public information about areas in their remit.
  • Meet for five or six regular council meetings a year, usually in London.
  • Regularly contribute to discussions, action plans and decisions on the council forum.
  • Occasionally serve on council committees or working groups.


  • Oversee the work of staff, directors and volunteers.
  • Steer the Institute as a whole, including its strategic plans.
  • Liaise with the external financial adviser.
  • Chair the Institute's annual general meeting and council meetings.
  • Represent the Institute in dealings with external bodies.

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  • Support the chair and deputise for them as required.

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Community director

  • Liaise with local group coordinators, including those of the International and Cloud Club groups, and support them in their roles.
  • Raise the profile of local group membership, for example by collating and disseminating information about local groups and their events.
  • Help local group coordinators organise regional events.
  • Manage the social media team, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog; oversee and develop social media activity; contribute to social media content; liaise with other directors on social media promotion.
  • Oversee the coordination of CIEP volunteers.

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Conference director

  • Plan the conference programme, including making arrangements for any entertainment, displays etc.
  • Find speakers and liaise with them.
  • Liaise with the conference venue regarding all arrangements and details; research and visit potential venues.
  • Prepare information for delegates and booking forms.
  • Oversee the sponsorship campaign, working with the conference sponsorship coordinator.

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Digital services director

  • Manage and develop the CIEP website.
  • Manage and develop the CIEP forums.
  • Manage technical discussions with the CIEP’s IT suppliers, and corresponding action plans.
  • Manage all CIEP domains and email accounts.
  • Communicate with and manage web content team, forum moderators and other volunteers.

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External relations director

  • With the aim of raising the profile, standards and membership numbers of the Institute, establish and nurture links with
    • universities and other educational institutions
    • publishers and publishers' organisations
    • sister organisations
    • professional and governmental bodies.
  • Maintain and update the corresponding contact list.

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Information director

  • Oversee the provision of information about membership and about the editorial profession.
  • Manage publications and resources, for members and others, and manage the editorial team.
  • Oversee updates to the FAQs on the CIEP website.
  • Keep the Directors' Handbook, model terms & conditions, Member Handbook, Style Guide and Branding Guidelines up to date.

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Marketing and PR director

Raise the profile of the CIEP, notably:

  • Promote the benefits of membership.
  • Publicise and promote take-up of CIEP training and mentoring.
  • Encourage clients to use our members' services.
  • Publicise and promote the CIEP conference and other events.
  • Look after advertising, press releases, guest articles, publicity materials, media contacts and sponsorship.

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Membership director

  • Manage the membership renewal and joining processes, for individual and Corporate Subscribers.
  • Oversee the membership database and corresponding reports.
  • Run the annual membership survey, survey of lapsed members and other surveys.
  • Manage membership benefits with the benefits coordinator.
  • Liaise with the Judith Butcher Award Committee.

Meet the team: membership director

Organisational director

  • Carry out administrative duties for the council as a whole.
  • Organise council meetings, preparing agenda, minutes and other relevant documents.
  • Organise the CIEP AGM, preparing relevant documents, and any extraordinary general meetings.
  • Keep the membership informed of the council's activities via Council News and other outlets.

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Professional standards director

  • Maintain, publicise and update the CIEP’s editorial syllabus and standards, liaising with BSI and ISO as required.
  • Create, update and evaluate editorial tests and develop the CIEP’s range of editorial qualifications.
  • Manage the complaints procedure.
  • Oversee the update of the Institute’s statutes: Regulations and Bylaws.
  • Manage the (anonymous) Admissions Panel, including supervision and recruitment.
  • Liaise between the council and the Admissions Panel.
  • Ensure the upgrade process is updated as required, in agreement with the council and members of the Panel.
  • Respond to queries about upgrading from individual members.
  • Organise continuing professional development events on topics of interest to members.

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Training director

  • Create new courses, including commissioning, content and uploading, with the help of online content managers.
  • Recruit trainers, induct them and coordinate their work.
  • Manage the update of all course content.
  • Manage workshops and in-house courses with the help of office staff.
  • Manage mentoring, mentors and senior mentors.

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