Curriculum for professional development

This curriculum has been developed to outline the range of skills and knowledge that editors and proofreaders use in their professional life.


The curriculum is divided into three domains:

  1. Working as a professional
  2. Editorial knowledge and practice
  3. Specialist skills and knowledge.

Domain 1 covers the professional life of an editor/proofreader. Domain 2 covers the core knowledge and skills that editors/proofreaders need in their practice. Domain 3 details the additional elements that editors/proofreaders need in specialist areas of work.

Within each domain are a number of subdomains, and each of these is divided into specific topics.

Each topic includes information on:

  • Knowledge criteria: what you need to know.
  • Editorial competencies, professional skills and attitudes: how you perform tasks and how you demonstrate your awareness.
  • Resources to support learning/CPD: resources and courses to help you develop these competencies.

We will add details of the ways that you can demonstrate competency (evidence/assessment) in future versions of this document.

Download the curriculum (434KB PDF)

Curriculum feedback and development

The curriculum has been developed by practising editors. We will continually review the content in response to gradual changes in practice, so we greatly appreciate your feedback.

Please email the training director with your comments and suggestions.