What does it cost to be an individual member?

The membership grade you hold determines the membership fee you pay each year. Our subscription year runs from 1 March to the last day of February. After you submit the joining form you will receive confirmation and your new membership details by email once your application has been processed. If you have not heard within five working days, please check your email spam folder and, if you have not received our email, contact the office.

Membership fees for 2024/25
Grade Fee
Entry-Level Members
(all new individual members)
Intermediate Members £136
Professional Members £199
Advanced Professional Members £199
Career-Break Members £136
Retired Members £69
Friends £69

Processing fee (first year of joining only)

All fees are non-refundable

Joining us for the first time

As a new member you can take advantage of three great offers. During your first year with us you will only pay the Entry-Level Member fee plus a one-off processing fee, no matter which level you apply to upgrade to after you join.

Plus, all new members receive an extra 15% off one CIEP training course.

At your first renewal you will pay the fee for the membership grade you hold.

Publishing students

If you’re a student on a relevant course we will refund the first-year processing fee.


The support you get from other members, who are so generous with their time and advice, is invaluable and so much appreciated.

Lesley Ellen

Joining during the subscription year

If you join us for the first time between:

1 March and 31 August inclusive, you pay the full Entry-Level fee for the year, plus the processing fee. Your membership will run until the end of February.

1 September and 31 December inclusive, you pay 50% of the Entry-Level fee, plus the processing fee. Your membership will run until the end of February.

1 January and the end of February, you pay the Entry-Level fee for the subscription year that runs from March, plus the processing fee, but you will not be asked to renew on 1 March. This means you will receive 14 months’ membership for the price of 12.

Rejoining if you were previously a member

If it is less than three years since you were a member, you can rejoin at your former grade and without paying the processing fee. Please contact our office before completing the membership application form.

If you have used our career-break option, the process for reinstating your professional membership is on the career breaks page.

Find out more about taking a break

Joining as an organisation?

This page is about individual membership. If you’re joining as a Corporate Member, or as an employee of such, you will find details of fees and benefits on the corporate membership page.