Lapsed membership and rejoining

We appreciate that life sometimes takes unexpected turns and that you may need to take time out from your professional editorial career for a while. If you want to do this, you have two options:

If you are a Professional Member (PM) or Advanced Professional Member (APM) you can take one career break of between one and three years. You would still be a part of the CIEP with basic benefits such as access to our forums, although you shouldn’t be working or advertising your services.

Alternatively, you could lapse your membership from between one and three years before rejoining at the same grade and without paying our processing fee. This option is open to all CIEP members.

To start a career break (PMs and APMs only)

Please contact our office to let us know you wish to take a career break, ideally a couple of months before your membership is due to be renewed. If your application is accepted, your membership grade will be changed to Entry Level and at renewal you will pay the fee for that grade. If you return on your membership renewal date the next year, or on its second or third anniversary, you will not need to go through the upgrade process. If you take a career break of more than three years, you will need to upgrade to get back to your previous membership level.

To lapse your membership (all membership levels)

Simply avoid paying your membership fee during our renewals season (March). We will lapse your membership soon after that. Keep an eye on the calendar, however, and make sure you rejoin before three years is up. Otherwise you will have to join as a new member, losing your former membership level and having to pay our processing fee.

Rejoining after a break

Whether you have taken a career break or lapsed your membership, it’s important that you contact our office when you want to rejoin us. If you’ve taken a career break we will arrange to contact you to renew your membership at your next renewal date; if you’ve lapsed we will advise you about how to rejoin.



Retired members

You may apply for Retired Member status if you:

  • are a Professional or Advanced Professional Member
  • and will be scaling down or ending your professional editing or proofreading work.

You’ll receive basic benefits, such as being able to stay active on our forums and in local groups, but you’ll no longer be able to take CIEP courses at member rates or use CIEP resources to gain work.

Retired Members may describe themselves as 'Professional Member (Retired)' or 'Advanced Professional Member (Retired)' if they held those grades.

To apply to be a Retired Member, contact our office a month or two before your annual renewal date. If you’re eligible, you will be charged at our Retired Member rate when you renew.


Get in touch

If you need more information about rejoining, taking a career break or retiring, please contact the CIEP office for more information.

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