Taking a membership career break

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We appreciate that life sometimes takes unexpected turns and that you may need to take time out from your professional editorial career for a while, for example because you have care responsibilities, to pursue further education or even to travel. If you are a Professional or Advanced Professional Member you can opt to have one career break, of between one and three years, from CIEP membership and still be part of the CIEP with basic benefits, so that you can keep in touch. We do not need to know your reason for stepping away for a while, but you should not be working or advertising your editorial services during the break.

How career breaks work

Please contact our office to let us know you wish to take a career break, ideally in January or February before the new membership year starts on 1 March. If your application is accepted, your membership grade will be changed to Entry Level and at renewal you will pay the fee for that grade. If you return on the following 1 March, or the two after that, you will not need to go through the upgrade process.