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Why join the CIEP?
  • Read about the benefits members enjoy, from the latest editing information and advice to a range of valuable discounts, support to find work and the shared knowhow of our friendly community.
  • Learn how to get the right training, CPD and mentoring to work as an editorial professional.
  • Find out how the CIEP upholds editorial standards.

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Can anyone join?
Yes. When you join, you’ll be an Entry-Level Member. You can then progress to our Professional membership grades by showing the required levels of training and work experience.
We ask each new joiner​ to agree to our Membership Codes.
What does it cost to join?

We offer various deals and discounts if you are joining for the first time, and the fee you pay depends on when in our membership year you join. Find out about:

  • annual membership fees
  • first-year discount
  • part-year discounts
  • extra discount on training
  • special deal for publishing students.
How do I make the most of my membership?
Go to your online member handbook in the members’ area.
I’d like to apply for the next membership grade
Our upgrading guide, available only to members, tells you everything you need to know about how to apply.

Former member?

If it’s less than three years since you were last a member, you won’t need to pay an administration fee. To confirm whether this applies to you, please contact our office.

Need help?

Please first read our FAQs. You’ll probably find someone else has already asked your question.

If you still have a query, please contact our membership director.

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