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If you care about the quality of your written content, print or digital, you can show this by joining us. We welcome as a Corporate Member any organisation, large or small, that shares our aim of upholding editorial excellence. We especially welcome organisations that need the specialist editorial services offered by CIEP members.

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Who joins the CIEP as a Corporate Member?

Corporate membership suits a wide variety of organisations and businesses, because whatever content you are producing, it will benefit from professional editorial help. Our Corporate Members include

  • publishers
  • government departments
  • public sector organisations
  • voluntary sector organisations
  • education organisations
  • publishing-related organisations.
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As a Corporate Member, you will be entitled to preferential rates and will receive various benefits, including:

  • free copies of our member-only publications, including back copies of the e-magazine Editing Matters
  • unlimited free adverts to our members to place freelance projects or recruit in-house staff
  • preferential rates for bespoke and in-house training
  • special training course discounts for your staff
  • special conference benefits for your staff
  • discounts for your staff who join as individual members.

Sign up to our Corporate Code of Practice to show your commitment to editorial excellence.

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What does it cost to be a Corporate Member?

We offer four membership bands, depending on the size of your organisation. Our membership year runs from 1 March to the last day of February.

Band No. editorial workers Membership fees 2024/25
A 1–5 £221
B 6–20 £299
C 21–99 £379
D 100+ £459
All fees are non-refundable

The bands are defined by the number of editorial workers you have. That means anyone who

  • edits and/or proofreads content for publication
  • writes or rewrites content
  • manages or project-manages such editorial tasks
  • is involved in teaching the skills of editorial work.

Should I become a Corporate Member or an individual member?

Corporate membership is for organisations. If you are an individual trading as a company or under a corporate identity, then individual membership may be more suitable for you. As a Corporate Member you are not a voting member of the Institute. You won’t have access to our forums and won’t appear in our Directory of Editorial Services. You will nominate someone in your organisation as your contact person.

Your in-house staff can also apply to become individual members, and they will receive a discount on their first year’s membership because they work for a Corporate Member.