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CIEP Conference 2024

Timings in the programme are for in-person delegates. The programme for online delegates will be published separately and will include all the same sessions on Sunday and Monday, but some of the timings may be different. There will also be online networking opportunities scheduled throughout the weekend.

You don’t need to book any of your sessions until your conference place is confirmed. Session booking for in-person delegates will open in July for selection of your preferred workshops and seminars, subject to availability. Sessions will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Online delegates don’t need to book which sessions they want to attend.

Please note that the programme is subject to change. Session outlines will be available to view soon. 

Saturday 7 September

Conference registration will be open from 1pm

Residential delegates can check in to their rooms from 2pm, and should check out by 11am on day of departure (before the first session, if possible).

Time Session
1.30–4.00 Pre-conference tour (details to follow)
2.30–4.00 Speed networking
4.30–5.30 A selection of informal social activities
6.00–7.00 Meet the Council and CEO drinks for conference first-timers
7.00–8.00 Dinner
8.00 Quiz
Sunday 8 September
Time Session
7.00–9.00 Breakfast
8.45–9.15 Conference registration for day delegates
9.15–9.30 Welcome from the CIEP chair
9.30–10.30 Whitcombe Lecture: Rob Drummond 
10.30–11.00 Break

Session one – break-out seminars (running concurrently)

  • Ethical editing – Aki Schilz & Dr Kavita Bhanot 
  • Helping experts help the court: An introduction to medicolegal report editing – Jahleen Turnbull-Sousa
  • Worldbuilding for fiction editors – Andrew Hodges
  • ePlayer: A Microsoft Word add-in for copy editors – Dick Wynne
12.30–2.00 Lunch

Session 2 – break-out seminars (running concurrently)

  • Embracing our changing language: From Agatha Christie, via Star Trek, to 2SLGBTQ+ – Lynn Fortin
  • The impact of generative AI on writing and publishing: Industry perspectives – Imke van Heerden
  • Much ado about point of view – Christina Fret
  • From a company of one to a company of thousands: Returning to full-time employment – Liz Dalby
3.00–3.30 Break

Session 3 – break-out seminars (running concurrently)

  • Coaching fiction clients – Aimee Walker
  • Empowering multilingual writers: Using AI to support authors writing beyond their first language – Daniel Heuman
  • Your editor website is not IKEA: How to attract, retain and convert visitors – Debbie Emmitt
  • Freelancing outside the box – Joanie Eppinga
4.30–4.45 Break
4.45–5.30 Ask the Council/CEO session
6.00–7.00 Drinks reception


Gala dinner with after-dinner speaker Adam Sharp

Monday 9 September
Time Session
7.00–9.00 Breakfast
8.45–9.15 Conference registration for day delegates

Session 4 – break-out seminars (running concurrently)

  • Thorns on the rose: Tricky editing issues – Laura Poole
  • Working with UN agencies and NGOs – Andrea Kay & Lydia Wanstall
  • What you need to know to start editing games – Kate Nascimento & Katherine Kirk
  • The kindest cut: On the mechanics and morals of editing – Mitch Albert
10.45–11.45 Break

Session 5 – break-out seminars (running concurrently)

  • Health literacy: How small edits can make big changes – Kia Thomas
  • How to start and scale your own editorial business – Rosie Tate
  • Communicating with authors: How to provide comments they’ll accept – Ruth Thaler-Carter
  • Understanding self-publishing – Anna Davidson 
12.45–1.45 Lunch

Session 6 – break-out seminars (running concurrently)

  • Editor blog 101: How to write blog posts that attract clients to your editing business – Dr Magda Wojcik
  • Roaming editor: It’s a digital nomad life – Christina Petrides
  • Developmental editing of fiction: Notes from the field – Sangeeta Mehta
  • Leadership communication workshop – Dominic Walters & S Lewes-Daley
2.45–3.15 Break
3.15–4.15 Closing plenary session – Professor Lynne Murphy
4.15–4.45 CIEP chair's closing words and raffle draw

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