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Whatever the scale and complexity of your project, I offer a nuanced, dynamic and efficient service that fits around you and your workflows. I have been a full-time editorial project manager, copyeditor and proofreader since 2007, and I work with major businesses, charities, public-sector bodies and publishers around the world to deliver some of their most prestigious publications. I am PRINCE2 Practitioner certified in project management and, in addition to my Advanced Professional Membership of the CIEP, I am a member of ACES: The Society for Editing.


From reports and policy papers to heavily illustrated books to thousand-entry encyclopedias, I can work with you to chart the best course to meet your goals. My tailored solutions scrutinise every detail without ever losing sight of the big picture.

I offer services within six core specialisms (see below for more information):

  • academic books and articles
  • business books, reports, white papers and more
  • charity and public-sector publications of all kinds
  • creative and other non-fiction
  • education and textbooks
  • encyclopedias (MRWs)

I write about the editorial world, business and freelance wellbeing on my Wordstitch Blog.

Please visit my website for lots more information, including further testimonials, a workflow outline and more.

Elementum edition 4Managing Without ProfitThe Project RevolutionThe International Encyclopedia of AnthropologyThe Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures

Skills and expertise

  • Project management of books, encyclopedias and online content (PRINCE2 Practitioner certified)
  • Developmental editing of non-fiction – please note that the type of developmental editing I offer starts when the author has a reasonably complete full draft (even if this is quite messy!); also note that I can’t advise on a book’s commercial viability
  • Copyediting of non-fiction
  • Proofreading of non-fiction (hard copy or on screen; BSI symbols or Acrobat’s in-built mark-up)
  • All types of non-fiction publication, including trade books, journal articles, reports, monographs, contributed volumes, textbooks, multi-author works, websites and other digital content, and business documents ranging from annual reports to prospectuses to client letters
  • Microsoft Word’s styles, templates and macros
  • Style guides including AP, APA, Chicago/CMOS, Hart’s and MLA – or following house style or author style
  • Style sheets, including creation from scratch for complex multi-editor projects
  • UK and US English
  • InDesign
  • XML, HTML and CSS
  • Image editing, including SVG, JPG and PNG to an intermediate level
  • Transcription of historical documents (English only)

Qualifications and selected courses

  • PRINCE2 Practitioner certified
  • Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) conferences (2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Advanced Copy-Editing (Publishing Training Centre)
  • Basic Proofreading (Publishing Training Centre)
  • Indexing Workshop for Editors and Proofreaders (Society of Indexers)
  • Introduction to Web Editorial Skills (SfEP)
  • On-Screen Editing 2 (SfEP)
  • Proofreading Problems (SfEP)
  • Working with XML (Publishing Training Centre)
  • Engaged Style Guides: Co-creating Standards with Your Community (ACES; a webinar on inclusive and respectful language)


  • Full-time freelance since 2009
  • 2007–2009: in-house project manager at Elsevier, handling major reference works
  • 2005–2007: senior children’s bookseller at Ottakar's


Business, charity and other public-sector clients

  • BBC Bitesize
  • BCS, The Institute for IT
  • Behavioural Insights Team
  • Directory of Social Change
  • Flemish Peace Institute
  • LID Business Media
  • National Osteoporosis Society
  • Professional Ghost
  • Quakers in Britain
  • SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)
  • University of Gloucestershire

Publishing clients (either direct or through a 'packager' service)

  • Cambridge University Press
  • Elementum
  • I.B. Tauris
  • Manchester University Press
  • Newgen
  • Oxford University Press
  • Pearson
  • PESI
  • Routledge
  • Springer
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Wiley Blackwell
  • Zed Books

Plus numerous individual authors and self-publishers

Academic books and articles

Academic books and articles are where I began to learn editing and project management, and I continue to work on millions of words each year in the humanities and social sciences. Having project managed, copyedited and proofread books published by more than ten of the biggest global academic publishers, I can help to ensure your text meets the best and most current editorial standards. At the same time, I appreciate that each text is a unique creation of an individual writer with their own background, preferences and intentions for their work.

Publication types

  • Monographs
  • Multi-contributor publications
  • Journal articles and book chapters
  • Encyclopedias and other large works
  • Reports
  • PhD theses
  • Book proposals, CVs, résumés, covering letters, etc.

Subject areas

  • Anthropology
  • Art and art history
  • Business and finance
  • Classics
  • History and genealogy
  • Linguistics
  • Literature and criticism
  • Media, culture and communication
  • Music, music history and music technology
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Public sector
  • Psychology
  • Religion and faith

Example publications

  • Neuropsychology of Art, Dahlia W. Zaidel (Psychology Press, 2015)
  • The Cambridge Companion to the Beats, edited by Steven Belletto (Cambridge University Press, 2016)
  • Translating the Queer: Body Politics and Transnational Conversations, Hector Dominguez-Ruvalcaba (Zed Books, 2016)
  • Locke’s Image of the World, Michael Jacovides (Oxford University Press, 2017)
  • Psychology, edited by Graham Davey (Wiley Blackwell, 2018)

See my website for more details on the academic services I offer.


One size does not fit all in business editing. Some projects require meticulous technical attention to ensure precision and standardisation. In others, the focus is more on how a brand or message can capture the reader’s imagination. Whether you’re aiming for functionality, flair or a little of both, I can help to ensure your writing is accurate, accessible and appropriate for your target audience.

Publication types

  • Books
  • Reports and white papers
  • Marketing and other outward-facing materials
  • Websites and other digital copy
  • Book proposals, CVs, résumés, covering letters, etc.

Subject areas

  • Computing (general)
  • Design and digital design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Freelancing
  • Governance
  • Innovation and ideas
  • Learning and education
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Management
  • Marketing and branding
  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Well-being

Example publications

  • The Project Revolution: How to Succeed in a Project Driven World, Antonio Nieto Rodriguez (LID Business Media, 2019)
  • The Innovator’s Book, Max McKeown (LID Business Media, 2019)
  • University of Gloucestershire undergraduate prospectus for 2019
  • Business Analyst: Careers in Business Analysis, Adrian Reed (BCS – The Institute for IT, 2018)
  • The Power of Capitalism: A Journey through Recent History across Five Continents, Rainer Zitelmann (LID Business Media, 2018)
  • Various research reports, annual reports, etc.

See my website for more details on the services I offer for businesses and on business-related materials.

Charity and public sector

Writing in the charity and public sectors has to strike a careful balance. Whatever you call your target audience – customers, beneficiaries, users, stakeholders, members – your messaging must engage and motivate, but at the same time accountability and accuracy are crucial. From prospectuses to annual reports and from how-to books to white papers, I can help you to hone your text into an effective and precise document that is consistent with your vision and mission.

Publication types

  • Reports
  • Marketing and other outward-facing materials
  • Websites and other digital copy
  • Magazines and series
  • Prospectuses and pamphlets
  • Books

Subject areas

  • Communications with beneficiaries/customers/members/users
  • Demographics
  • Fundraising
  • Governance and trusteeship
  • Innovation and ideas
  • Learning and education (check out my education services if your organisation produces educational materials)
  • Management
  • Museums (art, history, curating, fashion)
  • Politics
  • Religion and faith
  • Volunteering

Example publications

  • Managing Without Profit, Mike Hudson, 4th edition (Directory of Social Change, 2017)
  • Sector Insight: UK Armed Forces Charities (Directory of Social Change and FiMT, 2020)
  • Complete Volunteer Management Handbook, Rob Jackson et al. (Directory of Social Change, 2019)
  • Osteoporosis News (members’ magazine, National Osteoporosis Society, regular proofreader for eight years)
  • Openings to the Infinite Ocean: A Friendly Offering of Hope (2020 Swarthmore Lecture), Tom Shakespeare (Quakers in Britain, 2020)
  • Confidential reports by government think tanks and other public sector organisations

See my website for more details on the services I offer for charities and public-sector bodies.

Creative and other non-fiction

Non-fiction can be as creative, impactful and entertaining as any novel. At the same time, it must be accurate, well structured and thoroughly referenced (where appropriate), in order to convey authority to readers. Whatever your project – a reflection, an innovation, a memoir or a how-to – I can help you to find that crucial balance between captivating and informing your readers.

Publication types

  • Popular reference
  • Magazines and journals
  • Websites and other digital copy
  • Biography, autobiography and memoir

Subject areas

  • Fashion history and sewing
  • Fitness and nutrition, especially strength sports
  • History and genealogy
  • Mountaineering, hiking and expeditions
  • Music and music history
  • Nature and the outdoors
  • Pets, especially dogs
  • Politics and current affairs

Example publications

  • Elementum journal (from edition 4, 2018 onwards)
  • Somewhere Anywhere (Paul Choy, 2018)
  • The Model Method, Hollie Grant (Little, Brown, 2017)
  • Writing Historical Fiction, Katherine McMahon (The Guardian, 2015)
  • The Lancasters of Pateley Bridge (Christopher Wright, 2015)
  • Their Trade is Treachery, Harry Chapman Pincher (Biteback, 2014)
  • Thin Wire: A Mother’s Journey through Her Daughter’s Heroin Addiction (Christine Lewry, 2012)

See my website for more details on the services I offer in creative and other non-fiction.

Education and textbooks

Textbook and educational publishing require fastidious attention to detail, often working within very strict parameters. Page layouts can be extremely complex, and digital content may be interactive and multi-layered. Exam boards’ requirements must be satisfied, and reading age must be precisely calibrated to the students. I have worked on multiple prestigious educational publications, consistently receiving excellent feedback for my ability to balance all these factors and more.

Publication types

  • Textbooks
  • Revision guides (online and print)
  • Encyclopedias and other large works
  • Multi-contributor publications
  • Course materials

Subject areas

  • Anthropology
  • Art and art history
  • Business and finance
  • Classics
  • History and genealogy
  • Linguistics
  • Literature and criticism
  • Media, culture and communication
  • Music, music history and music technology
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Religion and faith

Example publications

  • The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures: Professional Edition (10th edition), ed. Sara Lister, Justine Hofland and Hayley Grafton (Wiley Blackwell, 2020)
  • BBC Bitesize: GCSE revision guides in Religious Studies and Business Studies (2018–)
  • Psychology, ed. Graham Davey (Wiley Blackwell, 2018)
  • The Expanded Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training Manual, Lane Pederson (PESI, 2017)
  • Thinking About Art: A Thematic Guide to Art History, Penny Huntsman (Wiley Blackwell and the Association of Art Historians, 2015)
  • CAPE Sociology, Carlton Chinapoo et al. (Hodder Education, 2014)

See my website for more details on the services I offer in education publishing.

Encyclopedias (MRWs)

When you’re trusting a freelancer to coordinate with a prestigious team of contributors on one of the biggest budgets out there, you need someone with a proven track record. With almost 20 major reference works (or MRWs) successfully completed, I have the judgement and experience to smoothly slot into your existing workflows while driving progress with tenacity and sensitivity. The encyclopedias I’ve project managed have extended to 12 volumes, with over 1,000 articles and teams of contributors numbering over 1,200. I have a tried-and-tested methodology that delivers a balance between the macro and the micro – from the overall project parameters right down to the tiniest stylistic detail.

Subject areas

  • Anthropology
  • Art and art history
  • Business and finance
  • Classics
  • History and genealogy
  • Linguistics
  • Literature and criticism
  • Media, culture and communication
  • Music, music history and music technology
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Religion and faith

Example publications

  • The Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development, ed. Stephen Hupp and Jeremy D. Jewell (10 vols, Wiley Blackwell, 2020)
  • The Encyclopedia of Greek Comedy, ed. Alan H. Sommerstein (3 vols, Wiley Blackwell, 2019)
  • The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education, ed. Richard Hickman (3 vols, Wiley Blackwell, 2019)
  • The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology, ed. Hilary Callan (12 vols, Wiley Blackwell, 2018)
  • The Encyclopedia of Ancient Battles, ed. Michael Whitby and Harry Sidebottom (3 vols, Wiley Blackwell, 2017)
  • The Encyclopedia of Adulthood and Aging, ed. Susan Krauss Whitbourne (3 vols, Wiley Blackwell, 2015)

See my website for more details on the services I offer on encyclopedias and other large works.


Once again you have done the impossible!

production editor, Wiley Blackwell

Thank you for the extremely detailed work you do on our reports. You not only make the text grammatically correct but you also improve the quality of the report with your thorough comments and questions for the authors. Also the check of the endnotes is very thorough and improves our work. We highly appreciate the commitment you reflect by sending queries during the editing process so that you can apply decisions to the entire text, and your effort to accommodate our challenging deadlines.

Margarida Ferro, Flemish Peace Institute

Hazel has been my secret weapon for more book projects than I can remember. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it; she spots things I would never have seen in a million years. I wouldn’t even consider sending one of my books to print without Hazel working her magic on it first.

Paul Choy, international documentary photographer and author

Bringing any publication to market is always a challenge and part of that challenge is never really knowing who you are going to end up working with. We have been delighted with the service provided by Wordstitch Editorial. They have been consummately professional, have a can-do (and will-sort) attitude and they have protected us from a lot of the usual aggravation that can come as texts are prepared for publication. We have certainly seen many books that have been published riddled with errors, but we really are not seeing that this time. We would really like to work with you again. Thank you!

Mark and Bernie Fishpool, authors of Software Development in Practice (BCS, 2019)

You made our work read a million times better so for that I am extremely grateful.

public policy foundation

Just read your comments – very helpful! Particularly when you would catch the cadence of a page and then spot the part (even one word) that didn’t fit!

multi-award-winning international management consultant and author

Thanks to ... Hazel Bird, copy editor, whose intelligent and thoughtful attention to detail has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Sara Lister, Justine Hofland and Hayley Grafton, editors of The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures, 10th edition

Thanks so much for your help over the years - I’ve always been able to send the magazine to the printers with 100% certainty that there will be no typos, howlers or spelling mistakes included thanks to your thorough work on each issue!

Dom Hall, Content Manager, National Osteoporosis Society

Hazel has worked as Project Manager on a number of large, multi-volume, print and online reference works produced by my team. She has a deep understanding of the publishing process and an analytical mind. She works closely to the brief, whilst also being unafraid to suggest intelligent improvements to processes and solutions to problems. She is always professional and helpful, striking a good balance between meeting the needs and requirements of the client and delivering a quality product.

Louise Barnetson, Production Manager, Wiley Blackwell

You’ve done an amazing job. I really appreciate the calm and accomplished way you’ve dealt with all the complexities and unusual challenges of the project.

Production editor, Wiley Blackwell

I have the pleasure of working with Hazel – consummately professional and helped lift the writing in [the journal’s fourth edition] to a new level.

Jay Armstrong, editor of Elementum journal

In the seven books I’ve written, you really have been the most thorough and professional editor I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

professor of history, USA