Etty Payne

Advanced Professional Member
Location Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire borders, UK
Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Twitter @EttyPayne1


  • Proofreading, copy-editing and editing (on-screen or hard copy, in UK, US or Australian English)
  • Website proofreading and editing
  • Proofreading/editing English that has been translated from French
  • Consistency checking using software, macros and my eagle eye
  • Anglicising and Americanizing
  • Translation (from French to English)
  • Transcription, particularly of medical and medico-legal texts, but all one- or two-speaker transcribing considered. This always includes thorough proofreading of the transcribed text.


  • Medical and health (translation, proofreading, copy-editing, transcription): medical and medicolegal reports, anatomy and physiology, autism, Aspergers, ADHD/ADD, neurodiversity, medical ethics, psychology, psychiatry, environmental science, biology, life sciences, mental health, nursing, global health issues, child health, complementary/alternative medicine, medical communications, nutrition/food science, cardiac rehabilitation, sport and fitness.
  • European and international issues (translation, proofreading, copy-editing, transcription): international development aid, global health issues, maternal and child health, poverty, environment, climate emergency, sustainability, culture, cultural heritage, human rights and gender issues.
  • Fiction (proofreading, copy-editing): specialist areas include children's fiction, young adult fiction, science fiction, thriller/suspense, crime fiction, detective fiction, mysteries, and adventure and fantasy fiction, although I will consider most types of fiction.
  • Other specialist areas (translation, proofreading, copy-editing, transcription): photography/photo-editing, dogs (including dog training and dog behaviour), autism, Aspergers, ADHD/ADD, neurodiversity, psychology, self-help, personal development, school reports, travel and geography, French culture, music, music industry, musicology, journalism, biography/autobiography, popular science, football, athletics, most sports, performing arts, cookery, crafts.

Recent training

  • Medical Editing (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, CIEP) 2022
  • Writing Medico-Legal Reports in Civil Claims (self-study) 2015
  • Onscreen Editing 1 (Society for Editors and Proofreaders, SfEP, now CIEP) 2014
  • Introduction to Web Editorial Skills (Society for Editors and Proofreaders, SfEP, now CIEP) 2014
  • InDesign CS6 (Certitec, 2013)
  • Proofreading Distance Learning Course, High Merit (88.6%) (Publishing Training Centre, 2012)
  • Copy-editing self-study, 2012–present: Basic Editing, A Practical Course: Text and Exercises (Nicola Harris); Copy-editing: With Exercises and Model Answers (Barbara Horn); The Copy-editor’s Handbook, A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications : With Exercises and Answer Keys (Amy Einsohn)


Books (trade, academic, educational, fiction and illustrated books), brand books, international development documents, medico-legal reports, school reports, recipe books, art books, patient health advice material, magazines, biographies, educational materials, travel guides, bilingual (French/English) books, student dissertations and PhD theses, corporate literature, manuals, newsletters, websites, online materials, audio and video

Qualifications and awards

  • BA French
  • Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Professional complementary health qualifications including traditional Chinese medicine
  • TEFL certification

Recent clients

Lonely Planet, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Association for Science Education, BACPR (British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabitition), SKIRA, Social Development Direct, Chemonics, WordsWorks, Medify, King Edward VI School, School Science Review, Sopherco, Sharp Agency, Ashgate, Taylor & Francis, Itad, Cardno, Genesis Housing, Livewire Medical Communications, Pain Expert Ltd, Elwin Street, Edward Elgar Publishing, Routledge, Focal Press, Kaplan International, Pressparty, General Osteopathic Council, Rotovision, Marshall Editions, Hodder & Stoughton, Quarto, Quintet Publishing, schools, medical doctors, expert witnesses, self-publishing authors, students and private individuals.

A selection of titles I have worked on

  • More than 3000 medico-legal / expert witness reports (various medical / psychology / pain management experts)
  • Several thousand practice questions for students preparing for medical school entrance examinations
  • Over 250 reports (ranging from 30 to 300 pages) on international development for consultancies and organisations such as Itad, Chemonics, Social Development Direct, IFAD, Landell Mills, Commonwealth Secretariat and Cardno
  • Numerous student dissertations and PhD theses (autism, ADHD/ADD, cardiac rehabilitation, sleep deprivation, diabetes, BTEC literacy skills, Islamophobia, French and English literature, cinema, nursing, child psychology, play pedagogy, apprenticeships, anthropology, early years maths, health anxiety, teleoperation, clinical perfusion and haemofiltration, enuresis in children, whiplash associated disorder, etc.)
  • More than 2500 school reports
  • About 180 course units for distance learning courses on management and journalism (Open Professional School)
  • More than 40 magazine issues for a publisher of luxury magazines aimed at high-net-worth individuals
  • Regular quarterly newsletter for Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Proofreading/editing numerous websites
  • Numerous art books and exhibition catalogues for SKIRA (Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Calder, Adrian Burns, Andre Marfaing, Unism, Farid Belkahia, Subodh Gupta, Jaume Plensa, Jean-Baptiste Hyunh and children's book on artists and their studios)
  • Textbook of Psychiatry - A Concise Guide to Psychiatry in The Netherlands (Boom)
  • Psychomotor interventions for mental health – Children & adolescents: A movement- and body-oriented developmental approach (Boom)
  • Effect of acupuncture on physiological response to exercise: A systematic review (Steve Bailey)
  • Effects of acupuncture on enhancing muscle strength (Steve Bailey)
  • The 8th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles, East Belfast, and the Great War - PhD thesis (Gareth Lyle)
  • Unplanned – The Snakes and Ladders of Life in the City of Westminster (Non-fiction, autobiography: SPP)
  • About War (non-fiction: SPP)
  • Specialist Cardiac Exercise Instructor Manual (BACPR)
  • Say No To Food Waste (Educational resources) (Groundwork)
  • Making Space for Nature (Educational resources) (Groundwork)
  • Urban Nature Challenge (Educational resources) (Groundwork)
  • The Health Instinct - Re-discovering the Pleasure within Innate Healing (David Nassim)
  • Historical Analysis of the Olympic Games in St Moritz 1928 (Gregory Quin)
  • Introducing Modern Licencing in Swiss Professional Football (Gregory Quin)
  • Olympia Bob Run - Bobsleigh in St Moritz (Gregory Quin)
  • Numerous journal articles on the history of football, winter sports, the Olympics, etc. (Gregory Quin)
  • Adapted Reflextherapy to Relieve Chronic Headaches after Whiplash Injury: A Case Report (Gunnel Berry)
  • Numerous journal articles on relieving chronic pain after whiplash injury (Gunnel Berry)
  • MSc on Diabetes: How can blood glucose monitoring to improve diabetes management for people with diabetes in prison: A systematic review (MSc student, University of Leicester)
  • Improving access to digital ulcer care through nurse-led clinic: A service evaluation (Tanaka Ngcozana)
  • A5 Resource Book: Physical Activity and exercise in the Management of Cardiovascular Disease (BACPR - British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation)
  • Travel Guide to Venice (Stephen Bishop)
  • Better Than You (Fiction: L K-B)
  • Starting a Dog Home Boarding Business (Tamsin Stone)
  • Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits (Tamsin Stone)
  • Your Perfect Dog: The Ultimate Breed-by-Breed Guide to Choosing a Dog that's Your Ideal Match (David Alderton)
  • The Good Dog Diet (Anna Patfield)
  • Cani-Fit Guide to Canicross (Nicola Cameron)
  • Airy Cages and Other Stories (Fiction: Amanda Larkman)
  • Cancer - A Magical Quest (Non-fiction, autobiography: Patricia Walsh)
  • The Day After (Fiction: NP)
  • The Camera Assistant’s Manual, 6th edn (David E. Elkins, S.O.C.)
  • Focus On Photoshop Lightroom (Dave Stevenson and Nik Rawlinson)
  • How to Cheat in Photoshop CC: The art of creating realistic photomontages, 8th edn (Steve Caplin)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers: A professional image editor’s guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC (Martin Evening)
  • Transformational Imagemaking: Handmade Photographs since 1960 (Robert Hirsch)
  • Photography Beyond Technique: Essays from F295 on the Informed Use of Alternative and Historical Photographic Processes (Tom Persinger)
  • Close-Up Photography in Nature (John and Barbara Gerlach)
  • No Plastic Sleeves: The Complete Portfolio Guide for Photographers and Designers, 2nd edn (Danielle Currier, Larry Volk)
  • The VES Handbook of Visual Effects: Industry Standard VFX Practices and Procedures, 2nd edn (Jeffrey A. Okun and Susan Zwerman)
  • Professional Photography: The New Global Landscape Explained (Grant Scott)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers (Martin Evening)
  • Light: Science & Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting (Hunter, Biver & Fuqua)
  • Digital Nature Photography (John & Barbara Gerlach)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers 2015 release (Martin Evening)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers 2016 release (Martin Evening)
  • The Osteopath – Official journal of the General Osteopathic Council (regular issues)
  • Annual reports (The General Osteopathic Council)
  • Embodying the Dead: Writing, Playing, Performing (Claire Hind)
  • Integrity of Love (Non-fiction, autobiography: Carmen O'Connor)
  • Born to Shine (Non-fiction, self-help: Catherine Raincock)
  • The Cossack (Fiction: Kerry Lawrence)
  • Amacus (Fiction: R.J. Gillespie)
  • The Vavuniya Diaries
  • Artists of Health: Complementary Therapy and Alternative Medicine through the eyes of its practitioners and innovators (Tash Mitch)
  • Living a More Passionate Life (Non-fiction, self-help: Susanna Halonen)
  • Sick-note Britain: How Social Problems Became Medical Issues (Adrian Massey)
  • Adapted Reflextherapy: An Approach to Pain (Gunnel Berry)
  • Various journal articles on reflexology and reflextherapy (Gunnel Berry)
  • BACPR Level 4 Cardiac Exercise Instructor Training Manual (British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation)
  • Picaro – The Online English Adventure (Kaplan International Colleges)
  • Edexcel GCSE French Revision Workbook (Pearson)
  • 'Get Talking English' for Portuguese speakers (Hodder & Stoughton)
  • ‘Keep Talking English’ for Portuguese speakers (Hodder & Stoughton)
  • Food – Little Books on Big Issues (John Coveney)
  • Perfect Patisserie: Mastering Macarons, Madeleines and More (Dr Tim Kinnaird)
  • 500 jams and preserves (Clippy McKenna)
  • Beer: What to Drink Next (Michael Larson)
  • Everyday Vegetarian: 365 Days of Healthy Seasonal Recipes (Jane Hughes)
  • We Love Kale: Fresh and Healthy Inspiring Recipes (Kristen Beddard, Karen S Burns-Booth, Carolyn Cope, Jassy Davis, Kristina Sloggett)
  • Quiltessential: A Visual Directory of Contemporary Patterns, Fabrics and Colours (Erin Harris)
  • 500 Quilt Blocks (Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green)
  • Trouble in the Middle: American-Chinese Business Relations, Culture, Conflict and Ethics (Steven P. Feldman)
  • Cities and Nature (Lisa Benton-Short and John Rennie Short)
  • Importance of play pedagogy in curriculum delivery and play provision for young children’s learning and development (Institute of Education at the University of London)
  • The Ethics of Tourism: Critical and Applied Perspectives (Brent Lovelock and Kirsten M. Lovelock)
  • The Geography of Transport Systems, 3rd edn (Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Claude Comtois and Brian Slack)
  • Isabella d'Este and Francesco Gonzaga: Power Sharing at the Italian Renaissance Court (Sarah D.P. Cockram)
  • Audio Power Amplifier Design, 6th edn (Douglas Self)
  • The Age of Thomas Nashe: Texts, Bodies, and Trespasses of Authorship in Early Modern England (Stephen Guy-Bray, Joan Pong Linton and Steve Mentz)
  • Pressparty website (global press release hosting platform for music and entertainment industry)
  • The Arma Christi in Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture (Lisa H. Cooper, Andrea Denny-Brown)
  • Teaching Science in Elementary and Middle School: A Project-Based approach , 4th edn (Joseph S. Krajcik, Charlene M. Czerniak)
  • Professional Services Proposal for Standard Bank Mozambique (Portuguese/English proofreading)
  • Um Percurso de Sucesso (Grupo Arena – Portuguese/English proofreading)
  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Byzantine Hagiography, Volume II: Genres and Contexts (Stephanos Efthymiadis)
  • Routledge Handbook of Social and Cultural Theory (Anthony Elliott)
  • Proceedings for the Postal Union for the Mediterranean General Assembly and Conference (French/English)
  • Unity 4 Fundamentals: Get Started at Making Games with Unity (Alan Thorn)
  • Taming China's Wilderness: Immigration, Settlement and the Shaping of the Heilongjiang Frontier, 1900–1931 (Patrick Fuliang Shan)
  • The Student Actor Prepares: Acting for Life (Gai Jones)
  • Special Forces Survival Techniques (Alexander Stilwell)
  • Hearings for CNEDIMTS, the French National Commission of Evaluation of Medical Devices and Health Technologies (French/English)
  • The Essential Guide to Game Audio: The Theory and Practice of Sound for Games (Steve Horowitz, Scott Looney)
  • The Assistant Lighting Designer’s Toolkit (Anne E. McMills)
  • The impact of sleep disruption on the older population whilst admitted onto the acute hospital ward (final year of nursing degree)
  • Full content for SysValue website (English/Portuguese proofreading)
  • Introduction to Gender, 2nd edn (Jennifer Marchbank, Gayle Letherby)
  • The Sasanian World through Georgian Eyes: The Iranian Commonwealth in Late Antique Georgian Literature (Stephen H Rapp Jr)
  • England's Fortress: New Perspectives on Thomas, 3rd Lord Fairfax (Andrew Hopper and Philip Major)
  • Complementarity in Finland’s Development Policy and Cooperation in the Western Balkans (Itad)
  • A Splendid Torch - Interviews with Environmental Funders (Environmental Funders Network - JMG Foundation)
  • Restaurant menus; housing brochures (Fresh Milk Design)
  • Film Genre for the Screenwriter (Jule Selbo)
  • Coughing and Clapping: Investigating Audience Experience (Karen Burland and Stephanie Pitts)
  • Evaluation of Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research (Itad)
  • Evaluation Of Education for Sustainable Development in the Western Balkans (ESD) Project (Itad)
  • Socratic Seminars in High School (Moeller & Moeller)
  • Sanitation, Latrines and Intestinal Parasites in Past Populations (Piers D. Mitchell)
  • Terms of Reference for Serbia, Annex to Assessment Report on Rural Development and Food Security, European Commission (Cardno)
  • Money Machines: Electronic Financial Technologies, Distancing, and Responsibility in Global Finance (Mark Coeckelbergh)
  • Inception report on the Evaluation of DFID-CHAI Market-shaping for Access to Safe, Effective and Affordable Health Commodities (Itad)
  • Country Notes (Nicaragua, Bolivia, Armenia, Afghanistan) for the Evaluation of EU Support to Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) (Itad)
  • Evidence Review and Inception Report for DFID's BCURE programme (Itad)
  • DFID WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Monitoring, Verification and Evaluation - SAWRP (South Asia WASH Results Programme), Various reports (Itad)
  • Evaluation of DFID Tanzania’s Growth Programmes, Evaluation Design Report (Itad)
  • West Africa Food Markets Pilot Programme: Evaluation Unit, Inception Report (Itad)
  • Evaluation of EC Support to Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in Partner Countries, Various reports (Itad)
  • Macro Evaluation of DFID’s Strategic Vision for Girls and Women and Policy Frame for Empowerment and Accountability, Various reports (Itad)
  • Evaluation of EU Cooperation with Yemen 2002-12, Annual Technical Report 2015 (Itad)
  • Numerous other reports for Itad relating to international development aid
  • Recruitment packs for volunteers and managers (Genesis Housing Association)
  • Templeton World Charity Foundation website
  • The Adventures of Angelina (Fiction: Lee Bennett)
  • Evaluation of DFID’s Performance Management Funding of International Agriculture (Landell Mills)
  • How football is becoming European: The role of the transport in the development of European football (Paul Dietschy)
  • Living Happy, Living Hidden: The Relationship between UEFA and the European Union (1970 to 1980) (Manuel Schotté)
  • A European Turning Point in African football. The Case of Cameroon (1970s to 1990s) (Jérôme Berthoud, Stanislas Frenkiel)
  • Welcome to My World and Other Stories (Fiction: BB)
  • Long-term Development Cooperation Between the UK and Vietnam (Landell Mills)
  • Global Youth Development Report 2016 (Commonwealth Secretariat)
  • Grenada Hurricane Clause - Policy Brief (Commonwealth Secretariat)

Specialised software

Word, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator


Dear Etty, I wanted to thank you so much for the work you have done and continue to do on my book. My area of study in Chinese medicine is quite niche and yet your understanding and flexibility has meant that I felt at ease speaking to you about what I needed. I required copy editing and your extremely detailed and confident clarity has created the "elegant words" that my work didn't have before your involvement. Particularly your own understanding of numerous feilds including Chinese medicine meant that my attempts to explain difficult concepts were something you helped me greatly to put across to a lay audience. The whole process of working with you has been really a joy. I will definitely be back and would recommend you to anyone who requires a seriously brilliant editor. 

Thank you so much. 

DN, author in Chinese medical studies/self-help. 

Thank you, Etty, for your excellent communications and support throughout the assignment, for your professional expertise and wise advice. It was such a blessing to me to have you as copy editor, and you are a very warm and open person to work with. I really liked the calm, fluid and yet professionally "tight" way we worked together, and I do appreciate your care in taking the time to answer my questions in a very fulsome and helpful way. I also valued the way in which you acquainted yourself with the author before starting work as well as your sensitivity to the subject matter, which was a very important factor for me.

AH, Project Manager

After complaints about errors and typos in the first novel I self-published, I was determined to make sure my next book would be perfect. Once I'd mostly finished my final draft I searched for proof-readers and copy editors and thank goodness I found Etty on the CIEP Directory. She was professional and clearly passionate about her work. I was impressed that she made the effort to look up my first book when I made contact to get an idea of my style. I needed her to work very fast as I was working to a tight deadline. Etty turned each story around in a day, two days for the ones over 15,000 words, and I was amazed at how fast she was, especially as she had a great deal to correct! Her edits were clear and never detracted from what I was trying to achieve. She absolutely 'got' me, and if she wasn't sure of something she would check it with me in a way that didn't upset my needy writer's ego. I shall definitely be using Etty again. She was fast, extremely thorough, and a pleasure to work with. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who needs absolute accuracy in their writing.

AL, Author, fiction, short stories

Etty provides the medical experts who work out of Pain Expert Ltd with the very highest standard of proofreading services so ensuring that our documents are very well presented and avoid the potentially very serious pitfalls associated with work as an expert witness. Very importantly for a proofreader engaging in this type of work, Etty shows a high level of knowledge and understanding of the medical terms and phrases that we use when preparing our medicolegal documents. 

As a company, Pain Expert relies on a number of professional proofreaders all of whom provide us with a good service. However, when it comes to attention to detail, a very thorough evaluation of each medicolegal report presented to her, and indeed an excellent critical appraisal of the written work when required, I have no hesitation in stating that Etty is out there in a league of her own

Dr JV, Expert witness, Pain Expert Ltd

I have worked with Etty on a number of occasions, for both proofreading and Anglicising, and have always found her to be meticulous, considered and appreciative of the subject in which she is working. In particular, she does not hesitate to raise issues that have not been previously covered, ask pertinent questions and work collaboratively with the in-house editor. I find that this discursive and open style leads to a more thorough overall job, and because of this she is my go-to proofreader for most projects

LK, Quarto Group

Thank you for an excellent job. The editing and proofreading is great. Your comments on my thesis were very helpful and clear, offering good advice on how they might be altered. Also you picked up my inconsistencies across the document - something I struggled with. This was money well invested. The work was completed before the completion date. I would certainly recommend you to any colleagues looking for a proof reader or copy-editor.

KC, PhD student, Cardiac Rehabilitation

… it is indescribably helpful having you to work on my book. Thank you for really working with me on this and for being so respectful and understanding of my writing. Your kind and friendly approach made this whole experience so much easier than I was expecting.

TM, Self-publishing fiction author

Thank you so much for all your hard work and especially for sorting out all the formatting problems … I realise how complex this volume is so your skills and your flexibility are hugely appreciated.

FM, International development consultant

… you have a phenomenal level of medical knowledge! … superb at correcting my many lapses in concentration, even on specialist medical details

Dr BW, Medicolegal expert

I was very nervous about getting someone to proofread my novel because I was opening myself up to criticism and we writers are a sensitive breed! But you managed to make significant improvements to my novel yet always made me feel my writing was already great! Thank you for being such a kind, friendly and thoughtful person to work with – it makes so much difference.

MLB, Self-publishing author, Fiction

Etty is a great proofreader and copy-editor: she pays close attention to the text, is thorough in her reading, flags problems early and always returns proofs on time. I’m consistently impressed with her queries, suggestions and the care she takes. Added to this, she’s a joy to work with

EE, Focal Press

I have to say that I am extremely grateful for the amazing work you do and for my private work your input has been transformative. 

Dr JW, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

I have had the pleasure of working with Etty for a number of years in the field of ‘Expert Witness’ assessments.  Etty has meticulously proof read lengthy and complex reports to ensure that no minor or major error remains.  The high quality of my reports has been remarked upon by barristers and judges and I have no doubt that this quality is a reflection of the methodical proof reading service that Etty provides.

I cannot recommend Etty highly enough to any professional who requires an experienced and committed proof reader.

Dr BH, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Expert Witness

Discovering the limitations of your own literacy is mildly disconcerting. However, throughout the editing of an entire novel, Etty never once made me feel foolish.

RJG, Author, fiction

… very efficient, friendly and dedicated editor. Etty has a particular eye for detail, continuity and flow. As a dyslexic student I found Etty to be very approachable and understanding of the challenges this places on academic writing, I was delighted with the result … I would strongly recommend Etty’s services and would certainly use them again

AV, Student in final year of nursing degree

Truly amazing & this means I'll need to spend less time with the lawyers!

Dr GT, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Expert witness

I have been working with Etty for more than a year and in every job she has been professional, thorough and pleasant. Communication has always been very easy and her skills and her punctuality make her a trustworthy partner. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her work to anyone and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with her in the future

RCM, Portuguese copywriter and translator

I have entrusted Etty with many projects and am always absolutely certain I will receive the best quality work from her. She is very easy to communicate with and surprises me with the thoroughness of her work and the errors she notices that have slipped past several other people. My two colleagues, with whom she has also worked, speak very highly of her too

SP, Commissioning Editor, Routledge

Etty has proofread several projects for me onscreen and the quality of her work has always been of a very high standard … feedback from our authors is consistently very positive. I highly recommend her as a proofreader

KW, Ashgate

I was always very pleased with the service I received from Etty and the quality of work she provided. I was always working to a very tight production schedule, which did sometimes run over, and Etty’s flexibility and ability to accommodate our requirements was always greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend her services to others.

Editor, The Osteopath magazine, General Osteopathic Council

Transcription of various recordings: Top quality transcriber! Everything came back superclean, beautfully presented and set out. Any unclear passages were clearly timestamped and helpful suggestions were left. And teh proofreading is perfect. A bonus I wasn't expecting was the cover page with all its helpful information!

PW, Research Now

I'm very happy with what you've done with this essay. I thought it read well enough beforehand but without making major changes, you've made it sound much better, it flows beautifully and thank you for suggesting moving a couple of paragraphs to make it more logical. I will definitely come back.

JMB, Student, Lancaster University

Many thanks for the quick turnaround and feedback. Your proofing is a major help in cutting out grammatical errors and improving the report's quality and readability. It sounds much much better now! Your comments and queries were also really helpful! I appreciate all your ready-made suggestions which have saved me a huge amount of time. Thank you!

Dr MC, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist