The CIEP is run by its office staff and Council. The operation of the Institute is governed by three important documents:

The main provisions relating to annual general meetings can be found in the Regulations (Part III: Meetings of the Institute) and bylaws 25–28, 32 and 34.

See also the standing orders for the AGM procedures.

The Institute has a number of other documents that support its aims:

Annual reports and accounts
The CIEP Council reports back to the membership every year via the annual report and accounts
Directorial remits
The roles and responsibilities of each director on the CIEP Council
Ensuring editorial excellence: The CIEP Code of Practice
Includes sections on the professional behaviour of both supplier and client, standards for proofreading, editing and project management, information on web editing, electronic file handling, email etiquette, confidentiality and computer security
Participating with dignity in all CIEP events and activities: The CIEP Dignity Policy
Sets out expectations of members, staff and other participants, as well as how we will deal with complaints under the policy, aiming to ensure that all members feel supported and empowered to access all of the CIEP’s offerings, both in person and online
Admissions Procedure
Sets out the role and responsibilities of the Admissions Panel – the team that assesses applications for the CIEP’s membership grades – along with the process for appealing a decision of the Panel.
Disciplinary Procedure
Sets out the procedure to be followed when a member is suspected of breaching the Institute’s charter, bylaws or regulations