Forum subscriptions

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CIEP forums allows you to receive email notifications about new threads in each forum section to which you have access.

Enabling email notifications for new threads

  1. Log in to CIEP forums.
  2. Next to Logged in as, click your name.
  3. In the left-hand panel, click Forum subscriptions.

You will now see a list of all the forums you can access and subscription settings for each forum.

  1. To receive email updates for a particular forum:
    1. Set the relevant Subscribe dropdown menu to Yes.
    2. Set the relevant Send email dropdown menu to Yes.
    (Both options need to be set to Yes in order for the subscription feature to work.)
  2. Click Submit to confirm any changes.

When a new topic is posted to one of your 'subscribed' forums, you'll receive a notification email. The links in the notification email allow you to read the post and adjust your subscription options.

Disabling email notifications for new threads

To turn off forum subscriptions, follow the instructions above, setting the relevant Subscribe and Send email dropdown menus to No, and then click Submit.

What about replies to threads?

The Forum subscriptions module will send an email notification only when a new thread has been posted. It will not send notifications for replies to existing threads. It is possible to follow replies by using the Follow topic feature.