What students say about Editing with Word

'A very comprehensive course with a lot of material to read. I'll certainly be revisiting the materials to practise use of the various tools.' Eleanor Abrahams

'I have used Word for years but not within this profession. This course was useful both alerting me to the many functions I had not used before but also giving me the confidence to 'have a go' and not worry if it took a while to get it right!' Andrea Dunn

'This was the most interesting and challenging course I have taken so far. I have enjoyed it a lot, I have learned many useful techniques and got aware of many tools that can help me save time and work efficiently. I use some of these already but it will take time and practice to be able to incorporate those that I used for the first time during the course in my work. It was a great experience.' Eleni Kotsyfou

'I have been most impressed with what was my first CIEP training course. I found the course very instructive. It is technical without being dauntingly so. I have learned far more than I imagined I was going to. Much of what I learned will be consolidated in practice and that, above all, is the great value of the course: it provides an excellent grounding and extremely useful collection of resources that I have already integrated into my professional activity and will continue to do so and develop in the future.' Virginia Hamilton

'I would certainly recommend this excellent course to others. Just completing one chapter of it will enhance your productivity and justify the course fee. I very much enjoyed it!' Pete Gentry

'I found Editing with Word both fun and challenging, which meant it probably took more than the suggested number of hours to complete. I'm very familiar with styles and templates, so breezed along nicely through that section of the course. Basic Find and replace was straightforward and familiar too, but proper use of wildcards was a revelation. I thought I knew something about macros - I record lots of my own, I've pasted in a few of Paul Beverley's and I use PerfectIt all the time - but I was otherwise unprepared for the wonderful world of time-saving macros. I have already put many of the macros, Paul's and others', to work but I'm very aware that I have barely made a ripple with my toe, so there is much revision and application ahead ... Overall, I'm most impressed with the Editing with Word course and grateful for the work and thought that have clearly gone into designing it. I leave armed with a myriad weapons for making my working day more efficient. I just have to learn to use those weapons to greater effect - an ongoing process!' Michael Faulkner

'I feel I floundered rather more than I would have liked but my tutor was more helpful than I had a right to expect and I was infinitely grateful for being allowed an extension to the time limit following a blip with my health partway through my studies. The course has shown me my weaknesses and strengths and has clarified some things for me that were previously a complete mystery, in particular wildcards, which I had been introduced to but had never been able to properly understand before. The additional material and other links provided have been and will continue to be invaluable and I look forward to extending my understanding and knowledge in the future on the strength of this course.' Sara Bryant