Editing with Word

Who is this course suitable for?

  • This course is a must for anyone who wants to use computer-aided techniques within Word to make their editing more effective and efficient. It is suitable for both Windows and Mac users.
  • This is not a course about how to use Word. It is assumed that you already know the ins and outs of your particular version of Word. Because there are a few grey areas in between teaching 'how to use Word' and 'how to use Word to edit', some useful tips and trick of Word are given.
  • Whatever your level of expertise, the techniques described in this course will help you to become more efficient and effective.
  • Editing with Word does not set out to teach how to edit, but to demonstrate how whatever editing you do can be carried out more quickly and accurately using Word's tools.

Course description

The course helps you to use the power of Word to get the computer to do routine, repetitive tasks and leave you to get on with the finer points of editing. It includes units on styles and templates, find & replace and wildcards, and macros. Guest sections have been written by Paul Beverley on FRedit, Daniel Heuman on PerfectIt and Jack Lyon on The Editorium. The course includes downloadable study notes, exercises and model answers. Read what some students have said about the course.

What you should know after the course

  • By the end of the course you will have several useful tools stored on your computer to help you edit, and the knowledge of how to get hold of more.
  • You will know how to get the computer to do a lot of the heavy lifting of editing so that routine tasks are carried out much more quickly, and much more accurately, than you could have managed them 'manually' before taking this course.
  • You will know a lot more about the software available to help you edit, and have the knowledge to pick and choose what suits you best.

If you are a CIEP member, you will also have access to the CIEP forum 'Editing with Word', where you can discuss the course with fellow students, tutors and course contributors.

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Online courses take between 10 and 45 hours to complete, depending on the course, but you have access to the course materials for 6 months.

Online course structure

Time allowed for access: 6 months

CIEP upgrade points: 5

Approximate study time needed to complete the course: 30–35 hours

This is a self-assessed course. You will be assigned a tutor who will be available for up to 1 hour of support (usually by email), but the tutor does not mark any of your work. When you have finished the course you can download and print a certificate that states that you have 'Completed' the course.


The course is specifically about editing more efficiently and effectively within Word, and we have included numerous examples, exercises and links to other sites to help you achieve that aim. There are a number of small exercises throughout, but the main exercise for almost every section will be based on three chapters from an imaginary book.

The course follows the syllabus as described below.

Editing with Word

The nine units are divided into sections:

  1. Preliminaries
    1.1 Versions of Word
    1.2 The main exercise
    1.3 The CIEP Editing with Word forum
  2. Styles and templates
    2.1 Basics of styles and templates
    2.2 Working with styles and templates
    2.3 The main exercise
  3. Some useful editing features
    Shortcuts and selecting text
    Quick Access Toolbar
    Text expanders
    Using tables
    Track changes
    Three quick ways to change formatting
    Viewing documents
    Working in Draft view
    Editing in Outline view
    Find, select and copy all instances
    Multilevel lists
  1. Find and replace
    4.1 F&R and wildcards
    4.2 The main exercise
  2. Macros
    5.1 Recording a macro
    5.2 Copying a macro
    5.3 The main exercise
  3. FRedit
    6.1 Using FRedit
    6.2 The main exercise
  4. PerfectIt
    7.1 Installing and using PerfectIt
    7.2 The main exercise
  5. The Editorium
    8.1 FileCleaner
    8.2 MegaReplacer
    8.3 NoteStripper
    8.4 Editor's Toolkit
  6. Summary and challenge

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