Copyediting course

Train to work as a copyeditor with our three-part editing course

If you want to work as a freelance copyeditor, you’ll need to gain the skills and knowhow that demonstrate your professional competence in a toughly competitive market. Our copyediting training courses are designed by experienced practitioners to help get you up and running as a competent and professional copyeditor, and our training is highly regarded in the publishing industry.

Take your editing skills to the next level

Whether you are a proofreader looking to expand your business, or someone who has done some editing work but lacks formal training, our copyediting courses will guide you through the core knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully work as a copyeditor in the publishing industry, in-house in your organisation and beyond.

Take the level appropriate for your experience, or take all three for a comprehensive grounding. You will learn at your own pace under the guidance of an experienced tutor.

  1. CE1: Introduction covers the differences between copyediting and proofreading and what you need to be aware of to work on different types of publication.

  2. CE2: Headway takes you through technical mark-up of displayed matter and bibliographies, and introduces you to photographs and figures.

  3. CE3: Progress continues your learning with tables, notes and references, preliminary pages and end matter.

Each level includes varied exercises, across different types of publications, from humorous text to academic books, providing plenty of scope for practice as you learn. In CE2 and CE3 you will work with a tutor who will provide feedback and assess your assignments. A pass in the final assignment of CE3 acts as part qualification for the CIEP mentoring scheme if you wish to continue your learning.