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You are strongly advised to read this page carefully before you take an editorial test. Note that the content of all CIEP tests is confidential and must remain so. You may not reveal or hint at the content of the questions or answers to anyone.


The editorial tests are based on our editorial syllabus. To pass a test, you need to be familiar with all the material listed in the syllabus at the level relevant to you, and you should have studied the first three sources listed at the end.

Basic editorial test

If you are a member of CIEP, you may take the test and, if you do not pass, you can resit it. A fee is payable for each test taken, which is currently £27.50 (£30.00 from 1 March 2024). Non-members may not take the test, and members may not divulge any information about it to non-members or to each other.

You need only your full membership number when you apply to take the test. Do not click on the link to open the test until you are ready to go ahead, as otherwise your visit to the test page will be logged and you will be asked to pay the resit fee if you return to it later.

The basic test lasts one hour and the pass mark is 75%. Depending on your score, the test gains points that count towards your membership level:

Time limit

60 minutes

Pass mark


Test score Upgrade points
95–100% 12
90–94% 11
85–89% 10
80–84% 9
75–79% 8
0–74% 0

I was really, really nervous. I hate tests … [but] don't be afraid of the test. It's tough, but if you think you need it to upgrade, go for it. The fear is worse than the reality :)

A successful candidate


The editorial tests are based on our editorial syllabus. The answers must be your own work; you may not consult any other person, whether individually, on a forum or otherwise. There is nothing to stop you looking things up during the test, but if you do so you may run out of time. At the end you can print out your result and then see what you got right or wrong.

Before you start the test, you are advised to disable any autocorrect/autocomplete option on your computer (or other device) or else monitor everything you type. You may wish to minimise your browser toolbars to allow more screen space. The opening page of the test contains the instructions. The clock starts only when you turn to the second page; you then have 60 minutes to take the test. You cannot pause or stop the clock, though you can go back to check or change your answers within the 60 minutes. If an emergency prevents you completing it, contact the office as soon as you can with details of the emergency and supporting evidence. At the end of the test, you will be able to see your results in full; note that you will not be able to return to the test later to view your results again.

If you have just applied to join the Institute or to upgrade your membership and you judge (or are advised) that you need to take an editorial test to be admitted to the grade you have applied for, you have 30 days to take the test, from when you receive your membership number or (if applicable) from when the Admissions Panel says that you need to take the test.

If you have taken the test once, you may pay a fee to resit (another version of) the test, again only once. Before resitting, you should revise thoroughly first. At present there are only two versions of the basic test, so people can resit it only once; that restriction will be eased when we have more tests available. When you resit, you must take a different version of the test or your result will not be valid; so, if you previously sat Test No. 1, you cannot take that test again as a resit. If the weblink offers you the same test again, please contact [email protected] to arrange your resit.

Sample questions

Sample test question 1Sample test question 2 Sample test question 3Sample test question 4

Please click the button below when you are ready to pay for the test.

  • Once you have paid the test fee, our office staff will send you an email containing a link to the test. Depending on their availability, there may be a delay of some hours, or even a day or two, before you receive the email.
  • You have 30 days to use the link in the email …
  • … but once you have clicked the link, your 60 minutes of time will begin and you must complete the test within that 60 minutes. So, please click the email link only when you are ready to begin taking the test.

Log in and then pay the editorial test/resit fee

Before resitting the test, you should revise your knowledge of the editorial syllabus.

Advanced editorial test

We are working on further tests that will help anyone wishing to join as, or upgrade to become, an Advanced Professional Member of CIEP.

Find out more

To learn more about our editorial tests, see more about the CIEP’s basic editorial test or the basic editorial test FAQs.

Other tests

On the website there is a simple proofreading test that anyone, member or not, can take. It assumes knowledge of British culture and is based on UK publishing practice.

We are also looking at the possibility of basic tests in the use of English.