Editing lightly for idiomatic style

Nature of edit  Light editing of copy by a writer whose first language is not English

Type of copy  Entry for online directory


During its more than 180 year old history Mario & Franco has set international trends with numerous technical and design innovations. Through the close cooperation with renowned international designers and Mario & Franco provides excellent product solutions for the private as well as for the contract business.

Mario & Franco offers complete design concepts, which include worktops, appliances, tiles, sinks, taps, accessories and fittings etc. The extensive variety of the assortment allows creatives to transmit projects their individual signature.

Mario & Franco kitchens are distributed in approx. 75 countries via the company's own and also external trading companies. The consistent alignment of the range with a premium marketing strategy, together with the conceptual and systematic structure for architects and planners, provide the basis for international success.


For more than 180 years, Mario & Franco has led the field with a host of technical and design innovations. Working closely with renowned international designers, Mario & Franco offers high-quality products for private, as well as trade and business, customers.

Mario & Franco provides complete kitchen designs, including appliances, accessories and fittings. The breadth of its ranges offers complete creative flexibility and gives designers the freedom to express their own individual style.

Mario & Franco kitchens are distributed in 75 countries via both the company’s own network and external trading companies. The ranges are consistently focused on the premium market and this, together with its unique conceptual design system for architects, forms the basis of the company’s international success.

Problem and solution

Some of the terms and phrases in the original copy sounded stilted. Replacing these with a more idiomatic expression in English helps the text to flow better and makes the content easier to grasp.