Yolanda Hartshorne

The Runestone by Yolanda Hartshorne (Spain: CBN CandleBook News, 2010 (printed), 2012 (ebook)), £3.91.

Two friends, Birgitta and Stefan, decide to explore an unknown forest on Midsummer Island, a place where their whole village gather once a year for the week-long Midsummer Feast. What begins as a game becomes a very real adventure when they find a magical runestone. Faced with an enigma to solve and confronted by evil forces and trickery, they are running out of time and their village is in danger…

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The Crown of Candles by Yolanda Hartshorne (Spain: CBN CandleBook News, 2011 (printed), 2012 (ebook)), £3.88.

"Pixies live in a parallel world to ours at the other end of a rainbow, in a place called The Fifth Pine Tree…" (Chapter One).

…but something terrible has happened in Pixieland: Grubberon has stolen the Crown of Candles and has taken Guardian Pixie hostage. Without the Crown of Candles, the rainbow portal no longer works, the pixies are sad and it means the end of both Pixieland and Humanland – unless Birgitta and Stefan can rescue Guardian Pixie and recover the Crown of Candles before the next Christmas Moon.

Birgitta and Stefan find themselves on a new adventure, this time to help the pixies but, are they in time? Who are the grubbers and what do they want with the Crown of Candles?

This is the Amazon Kindle ebook edition (without audio). Only available from Amazon.

Ana María Matute: Pequeño teatro. Un análisis sintáctico by Yolanda Hartshorne (Spain: CBN CandleBook News, 2012), £1.24.

"…Quisiera que este estudio no culminara en un simple reflejo de una sociedad en particular bajo los efectos de una guerra, sino analizar – con una metodología semiológica – cuáles son los argumentos, los temas, y los focos de ira de Ana María Matute en Pequeño teatro…

Aquí, el tema de examen será lo humano a través de una metodología semiológica para contestar lo siguiente:

  1. ¿Cómo usa Ana María Matute el lenguaje para retratar el lado más oscuro de la humanidad? ¿Intenta ratificar, explicar lo que ella vio y vivió?
  2. ¿Hasta qué punto son sus historias un reflejo de su historia personal?"

Note: this ebook is available in Spanish (English translation below for information only).

"…This study does not aim to be a simple reflection of a particular society under the effects of a particular war, but rather an analysis – by applying the method of semiology – of the arguments, themes and focal points of anger of Ana María Matute in Pequeño teatro…

Here, the subject of analysis is the human which will be studied by applying the methodology of semiology to answer the following:

  1. How does Ana María Matute use language to describe the darker side of humanity? Does she try to ratify, explain what she saw and experienced?
  2. To what extent are her stories a reflection of her personal history?"

This is the Amazon Kindle ebook edition. Only available from Amazon.