Mandy Macdonald

Greek Philosophy (Simple Guides) by Sophia Macdonald (pseudonym) (London: Kuperard, 2009), £6.95.

This lucid introduction, written in a clear and engaging style, illuminates the philosophical debt we owe to Classical Greece. It links important ideas to key personalities and places, tracing the development and movement of people and ideas, from the earliest Presocratic philosophers to the Stoics, around the Mediterranean world.

Culture Smart! Cuba: A quick guide to customs & etiquette by Mandy Macdonald (London: Kuperard, 2006), £6.95.

Navigating between the rock of uncritical support for the Communist government and the hard place of the United States' historical hatred of it, this guide gives essential information about Cuban national attitudes, values and idiosyncrasies and helps you to to be an observant, sensitive and culture-aware visitor.

Culture Smart! Belgium: A quick guide to customs & etiquette by Mandy Macdonald (London: Kuperard, 2005), £6.95.

Belgium has a reputation as Europe's most boring country. Not true! Belgium is also home to eccentricity, surrealism and wit. This guide gives essential information on Belgium's tumultuous history and on national attitudes and values, and helps you to to be a sensitive and culture-aware visitor.

In the Mountains of Morazán: Portrait of a returned refugee community in El Salvador by Mandy Macdonald and Mike Gatehouse (London: Latin America Bureau, 1995), £9.99.

'… an accessible and complete portrait of the trials, challenges and vision of Segundo Montes City as it struggles with post-war recovery' (Development in Practice). 'Beautifully written, full of telling anecdotes and vivid descriptions of the daily lives of the returned refugees' (Christian Aid News).