Lucy Ridout

The Rough Guide to First-Time Asia by Lesley Reader and Lucy Ridout (London: Rough Guides, new ed. 2010), £12.99.

Aimed at travellers of any age considering a first trip to Asia, this lively, pragmatic book addresses the questions that mainstream guidebooks don't tackle. What's good about Vietnam? Where can I see orang-utans? How do I use an Asian bathroom? And will my mobile work in Nepal?

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The Rough Guide to Thailand by Paul Gray and Lucy Ridout (London: Rough Guides, 2009), £15.99.

A comprehensive, award-winning guidebook for independent travellers to Thailand. Now in its 7th edition, the book covers everything from Buddhist temples to Bangkok's top restaurants and the finest white-sand beaches. Background essays discuss Thai art, music and film, and there are reliable reviews of hotels for every budget.

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The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok by Lesley Reader and Lucy Ridout (London: Rough Guides, 2008), £14.99.

An in-depth guidebook to these two fascinating, culturally diverse islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Discover the best of Bali's famously rich artistic heritage, and read opinionated reviews of its exquisite hotels and exceptional shopping. Explore the volcanic landscapes of neighbouring Lombok with the most detailed account available.

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