Karl Drinkwater

Cold Fusion 2000 by Karl Drinkwater (self-published, 2012), £7.99 paperback, £1.85 Kindle.

Alex Kavanagh: pedantic physics-obsessed geek. He's a teacher who hates teaching; a lover who's just been dumped (again); a writer whose articles all get rejected; an adult who still lives at home and gets bullied at the bus stop; and he's just had the worst day of his life.

He meets his ex, Lucy Spiers. She's changed! A spark is reignited.

However, she's actually Lucy's twin sister, someone prone to misguided acts of kindness and strange visions. She will leave Alex's life forever in three days. Lies pile up: can she avoid breaking Alex's heart like her sister did?

Turner by Karl Drinkwater (self-published, 2012), £7.99 paperback, £1.85 Kindle.

An isolated Welsh island seemed like the perfect escape for a convict on the run, a jilted woman, and a policeman seeking a quiet life. When the surly locals turn to murderous violence the three visitors are forced on the run together, trying to stay one step ahead of their increasingly insane pursuers.

The bad news keeps coming. There are too many to fight. There is no escape from the island. And the worst storm in years has just begun. If they don't work together then none of them will live to see the light of day.