Hester Higton

Sundials at Greenwich: A catalogue of the sundials, nocturnals and horary quadrants in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich by Hester Higton (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002), £149.00.

A comprehensive catalogue of all the sundials and related instruments in the collections of the National Maritime Museum, with full descriptions and more than 400 photographs. Expert introductory articles – by Silke Ackermann, Richard Dunn, Kiyoshi Takada and Anthony Turner – set the collection in its cultural context.

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Sundials: An illustrated history of portable dials by Hester Higton (London: Philip Wilson Publishers, 2002), £30.00.

Fully illustrated history of the development of portable sundials over three millennia as timekeepers for both rich and poor. While the focus is on the sundials themselves, much reference is made to the contemporary social, political and economic history, to set the subject matter in context.

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