Clive Tolley

Shamanism in Norse Myth and Magic by Clive Tolley (Helsinki: Finnish Academy of Sciences, 2 vols, 2009), €60 (hbk), €50 (pbk).

I present the main features of Siberian shamanism and examine Old Norse texts in detail to determine how far it is reasonable to assign a label of 'shamanism' to the human and divine magical practices of pre-Christian Scandinavia, as these are depicted in written sources.

Grottasöngr, edited by Clive Tolley (London: Viking Society for Northern Research, 2009), £8.00.

This is an edition (in the original with English translation) of the Old Norse poem Grottasöngr ('Song of Grótti') about the gold-milling quern Grotti and the exploitation of the female mill-workers by the king Fródi, which results in his downfall.

Golden King of the Forest: The lore of the northern bear by Juha Pentikaïnen, edited and translated by Clive Tolley (Helsinki: Etnika, 2007), £20 (+ p&p).

The book outlines the tradition of the bear in Finnish culture, history and myth, focusing in particular on the ancient bear-hunting rites that are preserved in some difficult traditional poems, which are here presented and discussed in Finnish and English.

Beowulf: Suomennos, johdanto ja selitykset, co-written and co-translated by Osmo Pekonen and Clive Tolley (Helsinki: Werner Söderström, 2007), £22.50.

This translation of Beowulf into Finnish, made directly from the Old English, is accompanied by an introduction and explanations of some of the main points of interest in the poem, plus a section of plates. NB: the text is entirely in Finnish.