Posting a message on CIEP forums

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Here's how to post a message:

  1. Log in to CIEP forums.
  2. Click the Newbies section title (or the title of any other forum section you wish to post to).
  3. Click the New topic button.

A message form will appear.

  1. Enter a subject title for the post.
  2. Beneath the subject line, choose from the available options:
    • Follow topic – adds the topic to the 'Followed topics' section of the settings panel. When this box is ticked, a further tickbox appears to confirm whether you would like to receive email notifications for any replies to the topic.
    • Add my signature to this message – include your forum signature (ticked by default).
    • Attach a file … – add files to your post.
  3. Write your message in the large text box. The set of buttons at the top of this box allow you to format your text (bold, italics, etc.).

Formatting markup will appear in the text box. For example, emboldened text will look like this:

[​b]Some important point[​/b]

This markup will be processed when the message is previewed or posted, and the appropriate styling will be applied to the message – in this case, 'Some important point'.

  1. To check that your message is displaying correctly before it is posted, click the Preview button. If you're happy with what you see, click the Post message button to send it. Your message will immediately appear on the forum.