Login issues

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Newly registered accounts

If you've just registered but can't log in to the CIEP forums, it's likely that your account has not yet been activated by a moderator. You should receive a welcome message when your account is activated.

Forum registrations are almost always reviewed within 24 hours of submission.

Account already active

If your account has definitely been activated but you still can't log in, it's likely that you've incorrectly entered your username and/or password.

  • Your username – your CIEP membership number, with leading zeros added where necessary to make it five digits long. For example, if your membership number is 123, the corresponding username would be 00123.
  • Your password – you may not have chosen to have the same password for the forum as for the main CIEP website.

If you can't remember your membership number, you can enter your registered email address as a valid alternative username.

Retrieving your username and password

If you've forgotten your username and/or your password but can remember the email address that's associated with your CIEP forums account, you can retrieve your username and password.