Creating and editing a signature

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When you post a message on a forum, you can have a 'signature' appear automatically at the end. This is similar to an email signature and can contain your email address, website address, social network links and so on.

To create a forum signature:

  1. Log in to the CIEP forums.
  2. Next to Logged in as, click your name.
  3. In the left-hand panel, click Edit signature.
  4. Enter your desired signature and set its formatting using the toolbar. Any formatting options you apply will add markup to your signature. This code will be seen only by you.

When entering your email address in the signature, make sure to wrap the address in ​[​email​]​ … ​[​/email​]​ tags, like this:

​[​email​]​[email protected]​[​/email​]​

  1. Click Update.

Your new signature will be available immediately when you post a message.

If you exit and re-enter the Edit signature screen, you'll see your signature as it will appear on your messages.

If you edit an existing signature, the change will be applied to all previous posts you've made via the forum(s) – that is, all your forum messages will display your edited signature, regardless of when the posts were made.