About CIEP forums

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CIEP forums is the online discussion area available to all members of the Institute. It consists of several discrete forum sections.

What is a forum?

A forum is a web-based message board. Once you've registered, you can access it through a web browser. Messages (or posts) that have been sent to the forum are arranged in a list of topics of discussion. These topics are also called 'threads'. The forum software keeps posts on the same topic together – this is called 'threading'. That way, you can generally read a 'conversation' from beginning to end in one place.

You can contribute to a discussion by replying to an existing topic/thread or by creating a new one. Both actions are performed through the web browser, using the buttons shown in the forum.

Only registered users of the forums are able to log in, read and make posts. If you've not yet signed up, you can register for the forums now.

Facts and figures

Some key information about CIEP forums:

  • Created in 2012
  • More than 150,000 posts
  • Approx. 500 regular users
  • Approx. 70 individual forum sections

Registering for CIEP forums

CIEP forums is available exclusively to members of the CIEP. Register a forum account and unlock all the benefits of the CIEP's discussion groups.

Register for CIEP forums

If you already have an forum account but can't remember your username or password, find out how to reset your details here.

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Here are some of the features available in the forums:

  • Rich-text formatting – you'll be able to use common formatting options (bold, italics, hyperlinks, etc.).
  • Safe file uploads – files (e.g. images, PDFs, Word documents) can be attached to posts. This can help to give context to a query or an answer.
  • Search – the forum contains its own search engine, allowing users to look through the entire archive of discussions.
  • Ranks – each forum user is assigned a rank based on the number of posts and their access privileges.
  • Avatars – users can upload a small image to the forum and have it appear next to their name whenever they make a post.
  • Polls – certain forums permit users to add question polls to their posts.
  • Private messages – users can contact each other via the forum's messaging system.

Core forums

CIEP forums is made up of several core forums, which are visible to everyone who has a forum account. The core forums are:


SfEPLine is the main forum in which to discuss matters directly related to editing and proofreading.

Off topic

Off topic is our 'water cooler' area. Anything not directly related to editing and proofreading goes here.


Newbies is ideal for people new to editing and proofreading. It's also useful for new members of the CIEP. Even the most basic of questions are welcomed, and this forum provides a safe place to dip a first toe in the water.


Marketplace is used by members who wish to share one-off jobs that they are unable to do, usually because a regular client has requested a piece of work at short notice. Members can also post requests for help on specific projects.


Macros is used to discuss the use of Word macros – the tools that help to speed up the process of digital editing.

Other forums may sometimes be visible in the core group. For example, the 'Conference talk' forum is available in the build up to the Institute's annual conference.

Specialist forums and local group forums

Several other forums are available in addition to the ones above. These have been created to allow editorial professionals to take part in special-interest discussions, e.g. medical and technical editing. There are also forums so that each local group can have its own discussion area.

To access these additional forums, you need to join the relevant forum groups.