Starting Out: Setting Up a Small Business

V Rice, SfEP, 3rd edn, 2013, £5 (pbk), ISBN 978 0 9563 1645 5

Reviewed by Michèle Clarke

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A review of the first edition of this booklet appeared in Editing Matters, May/Jun 2007, and it was well received by the reviewer. This latest edition has been updated with a little help from some colleagues.

Starting Out covers in the first pages the physical aspects of setting up a business: the office itself and how and with what to equip it.

Practical guidance is given on financial aspects:

  • tax
  • a business plan
  • whether or not you need to become a limited company
  • VAT
  • claimable expenses
  • whether or not you are actually self-employed according to Mr Taxman
  • whether an accountant is necessary (I had one for many years until the HMRC website for filling the tax form became simpler!)
  • pensions and insurance.

Val touches on how to find work and self-marketing, rates of pay and relationships with clients, plus CPD. There is a list of useful resources – websites and publications.

This is a small practical booklet – well worth the price to set you on your way to becoming an efficient freelancer.

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